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Publish Date : 20 June 2020 - 09:04
While the reduction of car and factory price differences and correct pricing methods has become one of the main challenges in this field, which is after many struggles, to determine the price on the margins of the market and relying on a specific formula. Be at the same time, experts and officials believe that determining the price as well as the supply of cars on the commodity exchange can also be on the agenda as one of the control methods.
Khodrocar - Determining car prices on the margins of the market, the experience of which dates back to the 80's, is considered as one of the basic solutions of the car market these days, while imposing a loss of 40 thousand billion Tomans on car manufacturers has been one of the consequences of grammatical pricing in this industry. .

Activists in the industry are protesting against the pricing method in the industry, believing that car prices are determined in a way that the price of domestic raw materials is not in the hands of the automaker and parts maker, and this trend is more than the need to set prices on the margins. It has already happened and it seems that there is a public and governmental determination in this regard.

Experts in this field have always emphasized that the only way to improve the market is to produce and price car price liberalization and set it on the margins of the market, otherwise the margins of the market will become more and more distant from carmaker prices.

At the same time, since most of the industry's raw materials are supplied through commodity exchanges, the offer of car supply on the stock exchange and the determination of prices in this institution based on supply and demand are among the strategies to control prices. The ministry industry has also endorsed it and welcomed its implementation.

Because the prices of the Competition Council are not accepted as the official car price reference, in the absence of the official price reference, each person or broker tries to impose his desired price on the market to buy and sell zero car, and this problem can only be solved once It is possible that an official price reference will prevail in accordance with the conditions of supply and demand of cars in the market.

Therefore, in these circumstances, the obligation of car manufacturers to supply zero cars in the commodity exchange, by limiting the numbering of cars to being sold in the commodity exchange, eliminates the possibility of corruption in supply. On the other hand, due to the elimination of the price difference between the market and the factory, the possibility of abusing the price difference is eliminated, and this issue leads to the exit of brokers from the market.

So, along with pricing on the margins of the market, restricting the supply of cars on the stock exchange can be one of the ways to control prices. Meanwhile, a look at the history of the 1380s and the increase in supply over car demand shows that during this period not only the increase in unreasonable prices did not occur but also due to the balance created, strategies and incentives for carmakers to sell more. It was seen.

Now that the issue of exiting car order pricing and setting it on the margins of the market has become one of the priorities of government agencies related to determining car prices, other suggestions should be considered, because the current situation has shown that in the current situation, Pricing and imposing it on the automaker will bring nothing but profit to the pockets of intermediaries.

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