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Publish Date : 19 June 2020 - 09:00
The revision of the car pricing formula and the return of what was previously emphasized by experts in this field is on the agenda of the automotive committee, and in the meantime, the question arises that by determining the price on the margins of the market, who will be the main losers?
Khodrocar - After a 10 and 23 percent increase in the prices of Iran Khodro and Saipa products by the market regulation headquarters and based on the decision of the Competition Council, the car market entered a new phase of complexity, so that the re-increase of prices started and the difference between factory and market prices From cars, it reached more than 80 million tomans, and the efforts of government officials to control prices in the market led to another failure.

While inflation in previous years has been the basis of the price determination formula by the Competition Council, activists in this field believe that the obsolescence of this formula will cause significant damage to the automotive industry due to current inflation. Meanwhile, the vacancy of the Competition Council, as well as the organization announcing the announcement of the final price of the car, caused the market to fluctuate more than ever.

After the incident, the implementation of a new lottery-based sales system brought another shock to the car market, so that the government decided to take a more serious decision to determine the price of the car is located after the market margin.

This is despite the fact that with the implementation of this formula and the determination of car prices on the margins of the market, the winners of the car pre-sale lottery will become the main losers, because according to the new law, the profit of participation and cancellation of new sales of automakers has been eliminated. And the interest on arrears has been reduced to 12 percent annually, but the settlement of the car and the final price of the car has been set at the factory's daily price, while there is no possibility of peace and representation.

Accordingly, it is expected that at the same time with the determination of car prices on the margins of the market, we will see the protests of the winners of the lotteries increase. This decision, while the insistence on the implementation of this decision has increased since last year and the successful experience of the 1380s was the criterion for this decision and a look at the price trend in that period showed that by pricing on the margins of the market, the car It had become a commodity, and automakers used new payment-based methods to persuade demand.

Correction of car pricing method, while 85,000 people are waiting to receive a car with a one-year delivery, will definitely have a high psychological effect, but in this situation, car manufacturers can increase their production and fulfill their obligations ahead of schedule. Reduce customer losses. Undoubtedly, this decision will have far better effects on the market in the long run, so it is necessary to provide the conditions for its implementation as soon as possible.

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