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Publish Date : 18 June 2020 - 09:23
The return of car prices to a state of turmoil in recent days, along with the lack of oversight by related institutions and the pricing of car owners, are among the challenges facing the car market today after the lotteries.
Khodrocar - The car market has been fluctuating again these days after a few weeks of calm, while before the lotteries, the prices of some cars had dropped so much that they were close to the factory price.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry, in order to prevent the increase of intermediation and the withdrawal of brokers from the car market, held lotteries, and now we are witnessing a new wave of price increases after the lotteries, while another model of brokers in the market. The car was formed and based on that, the selected sellers sold their turn at space prices, which called into question the principle of implementation of this measure.

The price gap between the factory and the market has widened, while the market regulation headquarters had previously announced a 10 percent difference between the factory and market prices and emphasized its implementation, but this decision was not implemented in practice.

Market participants believe that the law did not enter the executive phase due to the lack of supervision by the regulatory bodies, and only the prices of cars were removed from the shopping sites, and over time, the increase in prices returned to the market.

"The car market is calm, but some are trying to raise prices, so it seems that the only way to control the market is to increase car production so that the market can maintain its calm.” Saeed Motameni, chairman of car show owners union told khodrocar reporter.

"Now, anyone who sells their car will lose money because market participants are buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price, while people can help stabilize prices by controlling their purchases.” He mentioned.

"Currently, only real consumers need to buy a car, so any purchase is not recommended at all because of the risk involved.” He said.

A review of prices in the car market shows that the downward trend in prices has stopped to some extent and transactions in the market still stop, while the non-implementation of the sales law with 10% profit has not been implemented so that sellers and car owners continue to determine prices in the market.

All of this suggests that the lottery-based market control policy has been an ineffective policy that has not only failed to achieve its main goal, but has added to the problems of this marginalized market.

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