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Publish Date : 16 June 2020 - 09:03
The car industry's policy of conducting car lottery in the 1960s is being implemented as one of the car market's control policies, which looks at neighboring countries and the way cars are sold as they put taxes to control the market.
Khodrocar - Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of the new sales method, which is being implemented by automakers under the guise of car lottery, what has affected the market in the current situation has been the increase in demand.

The misconception of car lottery, first proposed by the automotive committee, has brought nothing these days other than increasing the number of car buyers and creating false demand.

In previous sales methods, according to the statistics announced by car manufacturers, the maximum number of applicants to car sales sites was between 300 thousand and 800 thousand people, while after the announcement of the lottery method, a lot of false demand was aroused in the society, so that About 7 million applicants have registered for the extraordinary sale of automakers.

Among all of them 25 thousand person won the selling lottery and 85 thousand won the pre-sale lottery so the unbridled applicants went toward market and this had an effect of 10 percent increase in prices.

Car market experts emphasize that none of the policies pursued in the last two years have worked to control the car market, and not only is the market under total control, but the car industry is also suffering more and more losses.

Undoubtedly, the lottery is not the cure for the car market in the current situation, because the broker can, due to the significant profit he makes from the price difference between the factory price and the market price, many people to achieve their goal. If you buy a car from the factory, use it, in which case the chances of the broker succeeding in the lottery will still be higher than the real consumer.

Meanwhile, a look at sales methods in neighboring countries and countries with similar economies to Iran shows that with a production equal to the need and supply of full height, as well as the lack of strange sales policies, the car market in these countries is always on the same page. It has been stable and has never seen price fluctuations due to speculative measures.

An example of these countries is Turkey, which has economic similarities and, like Iran, has assembly lines and car production. A look at the car sales in this country shows that in Turkey, despite having a very extensive and well-equipped transportation system and vehicles, many people still prefer to have a private car.

The variety of cars in Turkey is much higher than in Iran and many famous car brands in this country have active agencies, but the remarkable point is that buying a car in Turkey like Iran is not considered capital, and if you want to invest in Think about it, Turkey, you will lose, and that is why there is no brokerage in this market.

Buying a car in Turkey for foreign nationals is much more expensive than for Turkish citizens, and the reason is that exempt foreigners living in Turkey from paying taxes are in fact the Turkish government. The exterior has become much easier. Don't forget that you have to stay permission in Turkey to buy a car.

In Turkey, many famous companies in the world are represented. For this reason, it is easy to buy directly from these companies. Of course, the car buyer has no restrictions on the choice of car models, and after visiting in person and choosing the car model, the car will be paid and then the buyer can proceed to license the car.

Tariffs, as well as the imposition of fines, have been among the measures the Turkish government has taken to pull the car out of capital goods and even make it cheaper for Turkish citizens. An action that has always been left by the car and industrial officials of Iran.

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