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Publish Date : 10 June 2020 - 09:02
Expectations for lowering and controlling prices, as well as meeting the needs of the car market, ended in a lottery, and the result was nothing more than stimulating demand and increasing demand in this market.
Khodrocar - Currently, hopes for further price reductions in the car market, as well as the inflammation in this marginal market, have faded after the lottery, and it is even expected that in the next few weeks, after the prevailing psychological atmosphere, the upward trend of prices will begin.

Car industry experts believe that the lottery method can be positive only in terms of the need created for the car, which makes it possible for everyone to register, otherwise it cannot be the right way to regulate the market, control prices and so on or the delivery of the car to the real consumers of the car, in the meantime, only the automakers are exempt from the issue of interfering in the registration process. An examination of the market trend also shows that prices after the lottery have not only not declined, but in some cars, as in the past, there has been an upward trend in prices.

"In the years when not enough production has taken place, there has been an accumulated need, which, along with the atmosphere created in society by investing in the automotive industry, has created millions of needs in the automotive market.” Shahram Azadi, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"If sustainable economic conditions are created, the car's needs will be far less than these numbers, and it may reach the same level as the annual production of the car.” He said.

"Psychological climate was one of the main reasons for the increase in demand because it created the impression that if they won the lottery, they would buy the car at a high price difference from the market and sell it in the market, which ultimately prevented the solution.” He said.

"Based on this, it is predicted that these needs will be cross-sectional and by moving towards more production, we can calm this atmosphere and reduce the density of the need and return to normal conditions.” He mentioned.

"Undoubtedly, the sale of cars at the current projected level will have a significant impact on the market, out of the millions registered, only 25,000 people will be able to receive the car, so expect to further reduce the price of cars or meet the needs. The market will not be very logical because this decision is logical and does not have long-term effects.” He called.

"The car lottery method is just because there is no other way to regulate the market, but it will definitely not be the main way to regulate the market. Currently, due to high demand as well as low production, car needs need to be met either through market-mediated intermediaries or those who have easier access to automakers' sales sites, which will lead to this. There is no opportunity for consumers who expect to buy on equal terms. Accordingly, there will be an opportunity for everyone to register, and the task will be determined by lottery, which can be the right way and the flaws of the intervention.” He continued.
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