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Publish Date : 09 June 2020 - 09:06
Part of the needs of car consumers that were ignored in car lottery were premium and luxury cars. Cars that have always been in the production basket of automakers and have even been ignored in terms of meeting the needs of consumers.
Khodrocar - Automotive industry experts believe that the lottery method has not only not eliminated brokers and intermediaries from the car market, but has also ignored some of the real consumer needs, including luxury and even premium cars. Although this objection goes back to the automotive industry and the lack of variety of products, it has nevertheless shown that the policy of drawing lots for the fair distribution of automobiles has not been the right policy.

"When the lottery is held and a very limited number is offered, it does not meet the existing demand, while the lottery is done for a part of the market that includes about 85 to 90% of the market, and that is cars under 200 million Tomans.” Ali Shukohi, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Before the price increase, 95% of the market was owned by cars under 150 to 200 million Tomans, but now, with the fluctuation of prices, this amount has drastically decreased.” He said.

"Car lottery will have no effect on reducing the price and also reducing the demand for premium cars, the audience of this category of cars is different and we always see different behaviors from the buyers of these cars and each of these buyers has special patterns for buying cars and even methods.” He said.

"This period mostly includes the final consumer who are in the 6th and 7th deciles of the society, including the intermediaries in this market, so that according to the latest statistics, about 70% of the registrants were market intermediaries, which is the case. It also shows that lotteries cannot cut the hands of brokers from the market.” He added.

"These changes will eventually allow the car to reach the final consumer properly, while the current situation in the country will not solve the problem of holding several lottery periods.” He continued.

"The lotteries have by no means been successful in cutting off dealers' hands from the car market, delivering the car to the real consumer, managing the market and pricing it correctly.” He said.

"People's interest in long-wheelbase as well as luxury cars has increased in recent years. Domestic automakers still face shortcomings in these areas, so not all cars need cars that people like, and there is no place for premium and luxury cars in the basket.” He said.

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