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Publish Date : 05 June 2020 - 09:05
Reviewing the market condition in stock market shows that this industry is affected by the conditon of market. After two months absence of two big automakers in stockmarket it was predicted that this two could have boost start and make positive effect on the other automakers.
Khodrocar - automotive group had a positive rise and had positive effects on the hole stock market. This is happening while the news about capital increment broke the record of buying queue and it was predicted to be more but the rise was in a short period then the transaction became more stable.

Meanwhile entrance of national competition council in pricing and increase of prices for 5 to 50 percent could have poaitive effects on the stocks. Now we are going to review the reason of short rise of car stocks.

Reopening of stocks was in the final green days of the market and sto k market was going to have a correction after reaching 1 million  channel. So the index should had a rest and correction.

On the other hand, opening and liberalisation of "Saham Edalat" was another reason for this matter. This just mentally made people to think about the other stocks rather than automotive group.

Another noteworthy point in evaluating the trading process of the symbols of the automobile group, especially the two symbols "Khosapa" and "Khodro" is that although the main actors and shareholders of these two companies at the beginning of the reopening of the symbol and return to the glass hall with stinginess to supply and sell shares. In order to respond to the thirst of the market, but only a few days after this event, we saw billions in these two trading symbols, and from this perspective, the lack of proper management in response to the demand to buy stocks as another factor in the short life of the days. He attributed the good cars to the stock market.

In any case, given the above factors, it can be said that although the automotive group had a return after months of absence due to the general conditions of the capital market and their good shareholders' days were in the Glass Hall, what car dealers and shareholders are more than the general market atmosphere Shares need to be improved, including improving the structure of the automotive industry, improving production conditions, eliminating problems with raw materials and

production costs, removing international barriers and sanctions, reducing the cost of importing raw materials and supporting the domestic sector, empowering manufacturers and manufacturers. Domestic products are the solution to the problems of related industries, proper privatization and the principles that lead to the agility of the automotive industry, and so on.

However, some experts believe that the experts believe that for various reasons, including the government's need for the government, due to the fact that the stock market index and the overall market capitalization have passed these days, as well as the negative psychological atmosphere resulting from the liberalization of justice stocks. The capital market for the financing and compensation of the budget deficit, the water of prosperity will again be poured into the shareholders' mill in the Glass Hall, and in the meantime, the food group and its shareholders will not be ineffective.

Mehdi Hajivand/ expert of srock market
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