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Publish Date : 31 May 2020 - 09:12
According to forecasts made by central bank officials, the automotive industry will prioritize the use of foreign exchange from exports, so that certified units will soon see better conditions for receiving foreign exchange.
Khodrocar - After a joint meeting between the helmsman of the Ministry of Silence with automakers and parts manufacturers and his favorable promise to solve the currency problems of activists in this field, a joint meeting was held yesterday between parts manufacturers and central bank officials.

"According to the forecasts, the allocation of NIMA currency will be done as a priority for Group One. Accordingly, 50% of the required currency will be provided through NIMA currency and the remaining 50% will be provided through imports and exports.” Navid Gharib, chairman of currency group of part industry union told khodrocar reporter.

"At present, $ 40 billion worth of goods are exported annually from the country, the amount of which is returned to the country. Meanwhile, the Central Bank is convincing the exporter to return the currency from its exports to the country, but according to Central Bank officials. , $ 20 billion in foreign exchange from exports to the country has not yet returned.” He added.

"If this amount of currency is returned to the country, the imported currency will definitely be provided to economic activists, according to the forecast made by the Central Bank, the currency required by the automotive group will be provided through IMIDRO.” He said.

"The central bank's view on foreign exchange is that its source must be clear. Therefore, it is possible to identify an exchange office, but the central bank does not take responsibility for its commercial risk, so it must either transfer foreign currency licenses or pay foreign currency. From the currency of individuals in authorized exchanges, these options can be further explored because it is not possible to monitor the currency of foreign individuals, but the export currency of individuals of an authorized exchange will be available.” He said.

"At yesterday's meeting of the Central Bank, it was decided to import foreign raw materials from some special industries and bring foreign currency to foreign investors, which means that if a certain investment seeks to import goods into the country, it can import foreign currency. So the option of bringing foreign currency to investors will be usable.” He mentioned.

"If these obligations are not met, the specified figure will be reduced from 30 to 20 percent, which means that if someone has imported a product and has not yet fulfilled its foreign exchange obligations, it should be done as soon as possible by referring to the bank.” He continued.

"An importer or parts maker who is importing can meet his or her obligations by binding the export license to the import, which will be a very attractive method for economic actors, although it will be questionable for an activity that has not used this method before. However, the process was the same as receiving half of the currency, with the difference that at the time of order registration, the import option is selected against the export.” He said.

"Although the Central Bank announced the launch of the relevant site next week, it seems that it is necessary for the manufacturer to take the necessary steps in this direction, but the effects of these measures will undoubtedly be felt soon.” He said.

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