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Publish Date : 27 May 2020 - 10:28
While depositing 50% of the car registration amount in the new plan of extraordinary sales of car manufacturers and also predicting a week's time to return the deposit amounts, the experts of the automotive industry consider the unblocking of these amounts in the banks' accounts to be unjustified.
Khodrocar - At the same time as the announcement of the start of the new pre-sales of car manufacturers, there were rumors about why 50% of the car price was paid and also the fate of the amounts paid by the people whose names are not on the lottery list.

In this regard, Iran Khodro's Deputy Minister of Finance emphasized that people's deposits in the extraordinary sales plan will not be credited to the automakers' accounts and it is not possible to withdraw from it. The three banks Mellat, Trade and Export are deposited.

Accordingly, taking into account more than 50,000 pre-registrations, which is expected to increase significantly, and depositing at least 34 million tomans to be included in the car lottery list, a total of 1,700 billion tomans to the bank account. Are deposited. Taking into account the bank interest rate of 9% per day, this amount will be given to a significant number of banks, because according to the forecasts, this number will remain in the specific account of the banks.

However, due to legal restrictions imposed by the operating banks, it is not possible to claim interest on deposits of applicants, but still insist on a one-week return on the deposit amount of those whose names are on the list of winners of the lottery. Not to mention, it raises suspicions of bank profits.

"Undoubtedly, this method of purchase is full of benefits for consumers, and the 7 to 10 day stay with banks does not reduce the consumer's income.” Farbod Zaveh, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"However, it is not clear why the money received will remain with the bank's specific account and the carmaker will not benefit from this place, but it will undoubtedly bring a lot of rent to the banks. Currently, interbank debt as well as bank debt to the central bank's system is increasing, and in such circumstances, there is a possibility that banks' financial resources will be blocked, so providing these resources to banks is not the right thing to do.” He added.

"It would have been better for customers to buy cars from the channel of consumer support organization because selling cars with lottery is not right and have side effects too.” He said.

 "The main reason is that only real applicants register, because with the receipt of money only the real applicant enters the buying stream and the unrealistic demand decreases.” Mehdi Sadeghi Niaraki said.
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