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Publish Date : 26 May 2020 - 07:56
Changing the approach of activity in the auto industry from individual performance to cluster activities by integrating parts manufacturers who work in a field, can be a way for the automotive industry in a situation where the automotive industry is disconnected by stopping the production of some lines.
Khodrocar - Now that automakers are planning to increase production capacity to 4,000 units a day, the need for co-operation between the automotive industry and the auto parts sector is becoming more and more urgent. Parts makers and changed their collaboration model.

The history of cluster activity in successful automotive countries, including France, has been tested for many years and has become a global model in the world. Therefore, it is necessary for Iranian parts manufacturers to rely on these records to put cluster activity on the agenda. Put it, because the benefits and benefits of this will definitely be far more than the loss. However, due to the current culture of Iranian parts manufacturers' business, there is a lot of resistance to this.

"Global component makers, including the French, have merged to form a single management, so we're not seeing 150 manufacturers in the country right now.” Reza Rezaei, member of part manufacturers association told khodrocar reporter.

"If the parts manufacturers merge due to the unfavorable economic situation, if a car is removed from the parts manufacturers' production lines, they will easily be able to shift to other lines, because the integration of the parts manufacturers will make it easier for them to invest.” He said.

"With the integration of component makers, it will be possible to invest in new projects and platforms, and there will be the ability to move in the fields of innovation, knowledge, technology, research and development with the advancement of the world leading parts manufacturers, while this is possible for small parts manufacturers. They do not have the financial means to invest in research and development.” He mentioned.

"Now, with the production of some cars stopped, parts manufacturers who are producing parts for these cars are expected to change their approach.” He continued.

"Banks are currently running businesses, and despite the passage of laws aimed at improving the situation, these laws are not being implemented in the country.” He said.
"Due to the culture of these two strategic industries, the country's major goals did not go as well as they should, along with grammatical pricing and a lack of balance in the country's supply and demand and the automotive industry, which is perhaps the main reason for this. The macro-policy of this sector in the government should be considered because the policy has not been purposeful, developmental and efficient.” He said.

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