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Publish Date : 25 May 2020 - 09:00
With the implementation of the automakers' super sales plan, the first steps in balancing the car market by removing intermediaries have been taken so that real consumers can meet their needs in a fair way.
 Khodrocar - The pre-registration for the extraordinary sale of automakers began yesterday with the issuance of a sales license for 25,000 units. According to the forecasts, half of the amount will be deposited at the time of registration and after the lottery, the amount will be completed by the customer, and those who do not win the lottery will receive the payment after one week.

According to carmakers, in the second phase, 30,000 vehicles will be included in the lottery, which will allow real consumers to buy. According to the plan, automakers will produce 120,000 vehicles a month to meet new commitments.

In a situation where false demand has disrupted the car market and increased prices, the market needed a stimulus to control and provide the conditions for real consumer purchases.

The lack of control over the price of cars in the market and the uncontrolled increase in demand, while the head of the Ministry of Silence, after coming to power with the direct order of the president, put the control of this market on his main agenda. By becoming the driving force, it will play a key role in balancing supply and demand, as the intermediaries' role in this project will be minimized and the car will be offered to the main applicants, as emphasized in the announcement issued by the automakers.

Undoubtedly, providing the possibility of buying for all real consumers was the basic need of the market, but at the same time, it should be seen whether the automakers will increase their capacities to meet this need in time or not. The market is also waiting for the effects of the first round of pre-sales to adapt to the situation. Now we have to see how much the false market demand will be reduced according to the considered conditions.

Meanwhile, car market experts emphasize the positive effects of these measures and the sale of such cars, and hope for a downward trend in car market prices, because by eliminating intermediaries, real consumers will remain in the market, which will allow the sale of cars for up to a year. They do not, and this can greatly reduce the excitement in the market.

In the meantime, the cooperation of automakers and parts manufacturers has also been an influential factor because the growth of production cannot be achieved except with the sympathy of the colleagues in this field. And that could lead to a boom in production in the auto industry, so the automakers' production growth plan could also promise better days for the auto industry.
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