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Publish Date : 21 May 2020 - 09:12
With the delay in announcing the new car prices, although the market faced a decrease in prices, but due to the uncertainty in the market, there are no buyers in this market, and this has exacerbated the market recession.
Khodrocar - Over the past week, the trend of declining prices in the car market has continued, leading to a deeper recession. Until now, it was not possible to trade in this market due to high prices and reduced purchasing power, and now the market's expectation to announce new prices has prevented any buying and selling.

Market participants consider the uncertainty of the market to be a great loss and believe that if the new prices are announced, the buyer and the customer's duty is clear, but in the current situation, the buyer does not want to trade more and the seller is not willing to trade for fear of price increases. This has hit the car market.

However, in the last hours of Tuesday, a list of prices announced by the Competition Council was published, but only two hours after its publication, the news was denied and the Competition Council emphasized that no new prices were announced by this council because the council has not been and will not be responsible for announcing the new prices.

"Uncertainty is the biggest challenge in this market, and as long as prices are not clear, the situation will no doubt remain the same.” Nemat ollah Kashani, inspector of car show owners association told khodrocar reporter.

"Due to the uncertainty of prices, there is no demand in the market, but the lack of sufficient supply has caused more and challenged the activity of exhibitors.” He said. "If the supply of automobiles increases, along with the determination of car prices, the market situation will improve.”

At the same time, a look at the prices of cars in the market shows a significant decrease in prices, and although it is still far from the prices of New Year night, but compared to the prices after the holiday of Nowruz, it has decreased and restored hope to car buyers. Prices in the last few weeks have turned the hopes of those who were thinking of buying a car into a dream.

Currently, the price of each Pride 111 device has reached about 67 million Tomans and the price of the popular Peugeot 206 Type 2 hatchback has reached 115 million Tomans. Meanwhile, Peugeot 405 GLX, 110 million Tomans and Samand LX became 116 million Tomans, which have experienced a decrease compared to the previous days.

The car market needs more than ever these days, and this will not happen except with the announcement of new prices, because this market will undoubtedly always have applicants, but due to the uncertainty of the current situation, buyers have kept their hands clear. Prices can break this recession.

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