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Publish Date : 19 May 2020 - 09:00
However that stopping the production of JCPOA cars reduced the variety of automakers but they are trying to build new products every day so in the second half of the year we are waiting for new cars.
Khodrocar - After unveiling the Peugeot 301, it was emphasized that this car has been produced by the least dependence to the foreign partner. However there are some opinions about not producing the car in the current condition but the production continued by the efforts of part makers and now after 1 year CEO  of IKCO has said that they won't produce any car without the badge of IKCO and foreigners should know that they can't make problem for the country. 

"Start of producing a new car means that Peugeot 301 part makers should change their aim and focus  on the new car which is the waste of investment." Reza Rezaei, activist of part industry told khodrocar.

"Many part makers had invested in producing Peugeot parts and now they should shift their works. Also, parts of the new car is mostly like the Peugeot 301 so part makers are able to change their direction." He said.

"The gearbox of K132 is similar to the Peugeot 301 and plans to internalise the part has been started. It is expected that the car would have more options than Dena." He said.

"Near 15 percent of the electronic parts is importing. Some ICs are made just by two companies in the world and all automakers are supplying their need from these two and Iran ha to buy the parts from them too." He added. 

"80 percent of the parts are internalized but it need investments, in the project of 301 investments were not completed so the new car needs more investment." He said. 

Internalization is continued to the year of "Production Boost" and we have to wait and see what can automakers do by the advantages of this year.

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