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Publish Date : 18 May 2020 - 09:02
One week after announcing the market's decision on new car prices, the Competition Council is still refusing to announce new prices, and despite a legal meeting on Saturday, it has yet to make a decision on new carmaker prices.
Khodrocar - It has been reported that the delay is due to the automakers' consultation with the Competition Council to increase the price of all cars, including low-demand cars.

The request is contrary to the established principles of pricing, because according to the law, the Competition Council is responsible for pricing high-demand cars, but the current trend is against the law because they are just imagined prices. Even Changan is subject to mandatory pricing by the Competition Council.

According to the chairman of the council, since some domestically produced cars are subject to monopolies, the Competition Council should enter the pricing area of these cars. It is a new formula for raising or lowering car prices.

According to the Competition Council, the criterion for determining the new price of cars is the base price of 1396, so that the council calculates inflation in 1397 and 1398 and deducts the price increase in Bahman (February) 1397 from the total inflation of two years 1397 and 1398. Has been determined and submitted to the Market Regulation Headquarters.

The delay in announcing new prices in recent days has led to a significant reduction in car prices in the market, but car market experts believe that prolonging the announcement of prices is not a pleasant event for the car market because in addition to the market recession, It will destroy them and we will finally see price fluctuations in the market again.

This is not to the liking of carmakers, and although the Competition Council believes that the announcement of new prices could lead to consumer satisfaction, customers are complaining about current prices and believe that these numbers should be reduced and the fluctuations in the car market in no way. It is not acceptable, so the new prices do not cure the pain of the car market.

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