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Publish Date : 15 May 2020 - 09:00
Forcing car sellers to sell with a maximum profit of 10% in the car market is one of the clauses of the new plan to sell cars and control the market. Right now there is no supervisor on the car trades and this question happens that how could consumer right protection organization control all contracts?
Khodrocar - Meanwhile, one of the clauses of the new car sales plan announced by the Ministry of Industry is the requirement to sell cars in the market with only 10% profit. Experts said that this is not correct and emphasize that car owners cannot be forced to sell a car at a certain price.

At a time when the price of the dollar is rising and this has affected the car market, buyers have been forced to buy at high prices, and it is natural that these people do not sell their cars at lower prices. The current trend in the car market and the recession has deepened this sector.

Meanwhile, the lack of supply from automakers should be considered as another reason for the increase in car prices in the market, which in recent times has not met demand and has exacerbated the recession in the car market. In this situation, the unwillingness to sell the car at the purchased prices should be considered as one of the obstacles to the implementation of this clause of the law.

At the same time, there is no legal authority to monitor the market and sell the car to determine if the car owners have only made such a profit and have sold their car at the specified profit, or based on their offer price, compared to the supply.

Although this decision can largely control the prices in the market, there can be no need to implement it, because the question is always how the regulatory bodies monitor all transactions and the amount of profit from car sales.

Experts in the automotive industry believe that since the cost of buying and selling a car is equivalent to 15%, how will it be possible to sell a car with a 10% profit? It remains to be seen how the government's oversight leverage over car deals and profits will be defined to prevent violations of these clauses in the law.

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