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Publish Date : 14 May 2020 - 09:32
While car prices have dropped from 20 to 40 million tomans in the last two days, car market activists believe that due to the lack of economic stability, there is still no demand for purchases because there is a fear of further price reductions. At the same time, car owners who bought at higher prices are not willing to sell their cars at low prices.
Khodrocar - After much bargaining, new car prices were finally approved, and the announcement of prices in the last two days has led to a drop in car prices in the market. A market that has seen different conditions in recent months, from a slump in trading to record strange price records.

It is now two days since the new prices were approved and the car is still experiencing a downward trend in prices. According to market activists, in recent days, domestic cars have been reduced by 30 million Tomans and assembled cars have been reduced by 80 million Tomans. Brokers whom depo cars now have to sell cars at low prices.

"We hope that the downward trend in car prices will continue in the coming days, because in this case, while increasing the currency and the availability of cars in the market, we will see the entry of liquidity into the car market.” Kazem Mohammadi Nikkhoh, member of car show owners union told khodrocar reporter.

"In the past few days, people have entered the field of car buying who only seek to preserve the value of their capital and therefore buy, so they look at their cars as capital and are not willing to sell them.” He said.

"Certainly, the effects of these measures will not be obvious soon, and the reduction in prices in the car market has been without any operational action and only on the basis of the decisions taken.” He said.

"The recent decision of the Ministry of Industry to allow the sale of cars in the open market is 10% higher than the factory door price when supply and demand are normal, and the recent decision of the Competition Council on prices is in a situation where automakers are able to sell cars. They are not short-lived and still have many overdue obligations. At the same time, if the price of the dollar is in the range of 17,000 Tomans and people buy cars, no doubt those people will not be willing to sell cars at a lower price.” He mentioned.

"If supply is sufficient, we should not see a price difference between the factory and the market, but now due to the effect of price fluctuations in the gold coin market as well as currency on car prices, we are witnessing price fluctuations and no doubt with the fall of the dollar to the previous days. From the end of the year, we will see a further reduction in prices in our market and the arrival of prices in the range and price range of last year.” He added.

"In the past few days, with the increase in car prices, some people had started buying cars, but now, with lower prices, they are not willing to sell them at a lower price because there is no economic stability and they are not able to predict at all. We are not in an economic situation.” He said.

Although the situation is worrying car speculators and they are worried about the decrease in their profits, but the fall in prices in the car market continues and we are witnessing a decrease in the price of the watch. He attributed the constant excitement of the market.

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