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Publish Date : 13 May 2020 - 09:04
From lotteries to buying cars to getting only 10 percent profit from selling cars in the open market due to the implementation of the new plan of the Ministry of Industry in car sales, while market and car industry activists believe that these cases are somewhat applicable and in some There is more work to be done than these clauses because they are inconsistent with the law and cannot be enforced in the current economic climate.
Khodrocar - The new terms of sale, pre-sale and participation in the automotive industry production were announced on Monday in the final market regulation headquarters, and the automotive industry experts made fundamental objections to it, arguing that some of these clauses are not legal and cannot be imposed on individuals.

Although just one day ago, the car market saw a drop in prices, but industry activists believe that this trend is indicative of the market's emotional behavior and cannot be discouraged because the real decline in prices in the long run is a measure of effectiveness. These are the cases.

"Certainly, with one day of price reduction, the effects and achievements of the new plan cannot be considered effective, because if a car stays in a price range until the end of the year or sees a decrease, then we can hope that the new conditions can have a positive effect on the market.” Farbod Zaveh, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"A look at yesterday's price, as well as before the Nowruz holiday, shows that prices are still high and only far from their peak.” He said.

"None of the proposed measures and plans control inflation, while the car market is currently in need.” He added.

"According to the law, the projected profit margin for the automaker will be 6 to 15 percent, while inflation will be about 50 percent, or 15 percent per month, so the automaker's profit will fall to zero during these three months.” He mentioned.

"In this plan, it may not be possible to rent, but it is possible that the winners of the lottery will sell their turn or hand it over to someone else, which will undoubtedly not be possible to control and make the space opaque and lead to creation. New jobs are being sold, such as car racing.” He said.

"The government is not allowed to legislate, but it is not clear under which clause it deprives people of the right to buy another car if they have one.” He added.

"There should be a legal reference in this regard, because there is a possibility that no one wants to use a car with several years of operation, but since no one in the body of the Ministry of Industry wants to solve problems, he does not insist on improving these dams because this clause is against the law.” He said.

Regarding the sale of car prices in the open market with a rate of 10% higher than the factory door price, Zaveh also stated that taking into account the costs and such cases, the profit obtained for the buyer will be about 15%. In this situation, no one wants to sell themselves. With 10% profit will not.

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