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Publish Date : 11 May 2020 - 09:12
The Market Regulation Headquarters will conclude on Monday while determining the price of the car. In the past few days, the chairman of the Competition Council announced the finalization of the car pricing formula and announced that while determining the new prices, the car price will decrease by 30 to 40 percent. We will see now that this will happen in practice and with the announcement of new prices.
Khodrocar - The Competition Council predicts a 20 percent increase in car prices, while the gap between factory and market prices has reached its peak, and automotive industry experts believe that this increase will not cure the pain of the car industry and market.

According to them, a look at past performance and the decisions taken by the Competition Council to increase prices show that the increase in prices imposed by this council has never been in line with inflation, and this in itself is a reason for the difference between factory and market prices.

Accordingly, the announcement of a 30 to 40 percent reduction in car prices at the same time as the announcement of new car prices is not a problem of market inflammation, because with the defined percentage, there is still a price difference between the factory and the market, and this is an incentive to buy. The car is more aimed at preserving the value of capital.

"Anyone who has been in the automotive industry and market for the past 10 years is aware that this will no doubt not happen with the announcement of new prices, and we will not see a drop in prices.” Saeed Madani, former president of Saipa told khodrocar reporter.

"The Competition Council's pricing formula can be effective in reducing prices in the market in a situation where inflation goes up every year, while in previous years, under the pretext of assigning pricing to the protection organization and market regulation headquarters, the council Competition has prevented prices from rising, and so car prices have not kept pace with inflation.” He said.

"There was a time when licenses to increase car prices were received, but with the question and the margins, the implementation of the increase in car prices remained silent, while the price setting on the margins of the market was approved at that time. However, this was not possible while the previous experience was very successful, but the pricing work was left to the Competition Council.” He told.

"Peace of mind will not return to the market as supply increases and production increases, as we will see a difference in factory and market prices as long as pricing and commissioning are done in this industry, and in this case the police mechanism of capital value will continue.” He said.

"Undoubtedly, this amount is not a real need, but these buyers are looking to preserve the value of their assets. Meanwhile, one of the reasons for the price of cars in the market was the increase in the price of these products compared to other goods in the market, because the price of car factories remained stable in the last two years, but we saw an increase in the price of cars in the market. It became one of the most profitable investments last year, bringing a lot of stray liquidity to the car market.” He said.

"Given that we have seen the devaluation of the national currency in all markets due to rising exchange rates and sanctions, it is natural for people to enter various markets such as gold coins or cars with the aim of preserving the value of their capital and assets. Pricing will not be related to the automaker, but the country's economic mechanism and structure need to be reformed as soon as possible.” He continued.

A look at the past and performance of this council shows that we have witnessed problems in the automotive industry wherever we enter the field of pricing, so an increase of about 20% in car prices will not be as good as in the past because of the price gap in cars. The factory and the market are still high because production is more limited, and on the other hand, the price difference between the factory and the market is very high, and people will buy and sell cars in the open market to maintain the value of their capital.

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