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Publish Date : 09 May 2020 - 09:06
Parts makers, who now see liquidity shortages as their main challenge, are also struggling with a new issue these days, such as the removal of Pride from the production cycle. Instruments that only produced parts for this car are a major challenge.
Khodrocar - In this situation, and at the same time with the cessation of Pride production, the question arises as to where the fate of Pride manufacturers will go. Parts manufacturers believe that there is no need to worry about the shift of these manufacturers due to the sharing of Pride and Tiba parts, but now some parts manufacturers are only active in the production of Pride parts, which seems to need to change lines and be ready as soon as possible to produce Tiba parts.

"Because many parts of the car are shared, manufacturers can make Tiba with minimal modifications, except for certain parts used in Pride, which the automaker has no doubt replaced.” Omid Rezaei, member of part industry association told khodrocar reporter.

"With such a situation, stopping the production of Pride for the manufacturer will have minimal consequences, because with the launch of the Tiba project, they were thinking of replacing Pride with this car, and even earlier, this was supposed to happen, which was postponed for some reason.” He said.

"This tension will only apply to parts that are not similar to Tiba, while with a 10% change in Pride parts, we will reach a car like Tiba.” He said.

"Most of the manufacturers of Pride parts also produce Tiba parts, and in the production of Tiba, some parts have been improved and its output is more up-to-date than Pride, and some sets are different.” He mentioned.

"Accordingly, these parts must be provided to Saipa Yadak as spare parts with a car manufacturer's program and on a gentle slope based on inventory and also on the way to import.” He mentioned.

"Prior to the public announcement, Pride's removal plan was planned by the automaker and announced to the relevant parts manufacturers and given them a deadline to prepare themselves for the production of new parts.” He said.

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