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Publish Date : 08 May 2020 - 09:19
Pride's stand at 100 million tomans, however, has created some obstacles in stopping the production of this car, and it seems that the proposal to continue the production of this economic car only depends on the agreement of the supervisory organizations and their withdrawal from the implementation of the eighty-five standards. The goal is to control prices in the market.
Khodrocar - The reversal of Pride's price record in the past few days and the car's standing at the top of the 90 million Toman peak have prompted rumors of Pride's return to the production cycle. Although criticism has always been directed at the car in recent years, these days, with the announcement of the suspension of Pride 111 production, the acceptance for the Pride family has increased and we are witnessing the amazing prices of this car in the market.

Meanwhile, the relevant automaker emphasizes that this price increase has nothing to do with the factory, and that the prices in the market have been set by brokers and intermediaries, as well as the pricing of online shopping sites.

The price fluctuations of this car in recent times, while Pride has always been mentioned as a car with minimum standards, a city car that does not have the ability to travel outside the city and based on this, the National Organization for Standardization decided to stop the production of this economic car or take the relevant standardization.

Meanwhile, with the start of the second round of sanctions, we have seen a sharp rise in currency prices as well as a shortage of parts, and this trend has made Pride no longer an economical car, but it is still the cheapest domestic car. A $ 2,600 car that the automotive industry will no doubt never see in its production lines by removing it from the production cycle.

Mir Javad Soleimani has said that , We have said many times before that there is no substitute for a car for around $ 2,600, because in the current situation and the dramatic rise in raw material prices and currency fluctuations, oppressive sanctions and restrictions on parts imports, no other cars are produced at this price is not possible.

An analysis of this behavior shows a decline in people's purchasing power, as well as the need for a low-cost car, and since the alternative to the unlimited Pride has increased, the desire to buy and maintain it has also increased.

According to Soleimani, the program of this automotive group is a serious and tangible change in Saipa's product portfolio. It is a product, but the upward trend in the price of this car in the market has caused Saipa's sales deputy to announce that proposals have been made to continue the production of Pride with the aim of controlling the price of this car.

Now, it should be seen that this time the National Organization for Standardization and also the Environment Organization are shortening their positions due to the improvement of market conditions? Because the production of this car will definitely not be possible except with the permission of the relevant organizations.

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