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Publish Date : 06 May 2020 - 09:02
While the annual increase in the cost of transporting cars this year includes an increase in copyright after 4 years, activists in notaries believe that 90% of this amount includes government spending, which is paid daily to the government account.
Khodrocar- The annual increase in official registration fees as well as the issuance of car sales power of attorney, while the car market is in recession more than ever, and the law to increase the cost of transferring a car document, in the current unfavorable situation, can slow the pulse of the car market.

Undoubtedly, due to the increase in car prices and the decrease in people's purchasing power, the increase in the cost of transferring a car document reduces the purchasing power of customers. The increase comes as the notary public believes that about 10 percent of the registration fee will go to the offices alone, and the rest will go to government spending.

"At present, it is emphasized in the public media that all the expenses for registering an official document go to the pockets of notary public offices, and these offices apply for this amount more than the set amount, while a large part of the amount received includes It is government rights and transfer taxes that are set annually by the government.” Alireza Amozadeh, member of notary union told khodrocar reporter.

"This amount is based on the decision of the parliament, which includes the registration fee, transfer tax and VAT, which are changed annually. One percent of the amount declared by the asset will be taxed.” He said.

"The salaries paid to the registry office for the registration of official documents are based on the directives issued this year, according to which the registration fee has been increased from half to one percent this year, in addition to this amount, VAT.” He mentioned.

"According to the law, the state registration fee must be increased every 4 years, which should have been changed last year, but it was not changed, but this year the tariff increase was applied, although the increase was in some cases so that it had a significant impact on There will be no car price.” He said.

"Considering these costs, for example, the share of offices will be less than 500 thousand Tomans, which is equivalent to two million Tomans, and the rest is the government salary that is transferred to the government account daily, and if not paid, the relevant fine will be issued.” He said.

"The increases are reasonable, and based on the price of the car, this percentage will vary because the asset is priced based on the value of the safe and the tax is announced and received.” He said.

"The share of government spending in increasing car transport costs is more than 90 percent, and notaries have no share in these costs and are the only place to collect them.” He called.

"In some cases, there is a legal issue, but according to the law passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the only center in which property can be transferred is the notary public.” He continued.

"Notaries have legal instruments, while license plate replacement centers do not legally include them, only renaming, and ownership does not change under this title because the official document is specified and defined in the law and cannot be renamed and introduced as the official document.”
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