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Publish Date : 05 May 2020 - 09:14
While car pricing has been postponed to next week's meeting of the Market Regulation Headquarters, there are rumors that the government has agreed to increase car prices by 30%, while in yesterday's meeting of the Market Regulation Headquarters, An additional 5% of the carmaker's profit is set, so we'll have to wait for the new car price to be set and announced by the support organization next week.
Khodrocar - The proposal to increase car prices by carmakers, which ranges from 30 to 60 percent, while the secretary of the Automobile Manufacturers Association emphasizes that this amount does not have a specific amount, logic and criteria, and it seems that a kilo has been proposed because the protection organization must According to the established formula, considering the reasonable profit, proceed to determine the price of the car.

While rumors have it that the car pricing formula will be finalized, at today's meeting of the Market Regulation Headquarters, the support organization agreed with the Competition Council to determine the new car pricing formula. In addition, a maximum of 5% of the manufacturer's profit should be calculated, but the maximum profit is subject to the observance of 70% efficiency in the car's production lines.

The headquarters stressed that only carmakers receive a 5% profit, with the productivity of their respective car production lines being 70%, and accordingly, if productivity decreases, the producer's profit will also be reduced.

Accordingly, the six factors of car circulation, quality improvement, reduction of customer obligations, internalization and support of parts manufacturers every month should be presented in a report by car manufacturers to the market regulation headquarters.

"Raw materials have witnessed a price increase of 80 to 90 percent, so that Yazd alloy steel was sold at 7,500 kilograms last year, which increased to 10,000 tomans in March, and this year they are trying to increase the price again. Therefore, the raw materials of the industry, which include 75% of its price, have increased by 80 to 90%.” Ahmad Nemat Bakhsh, secretary of automakers association told khodrocar reporter.

"Producers and Consumers Protection Organization should determine the price of the car based on the formula for determining the price and predicting a reasonable profit.” He said.
"According to the formula of the protection organization, the cost price should be calculated and the new car price should be determined by the market regulation headquarters, taking into account the 5 to 17% profit for the factories. Announcing a 50 to 60 percent increase in car prices is a kilogram, and there is no standard behind it, and it would not be wise to offer a percentage as a price increase, except for the increased percentages and reasonable profits of the automaker.”

"According to the documents provided by the automakers, the protection organization will determine the price, while also defining criteria for itself. To some extent, the organization accepts overhead costs, and if the automaker has produced less than the production capacity mentioned in the operating license, the organization will not accept this because it believes that the plant protection organization should at least produce 70% capacity to cover costs.” He said.

"Although the Islamic Consultative Assembly is required by law to remove barriers to production and improving the business environment of ministries in order to use the opinions of associations in polls and decision-making, this has not been done so far in the meetings of the headquarters. Market regulation is not present in order to determine the price of the car, the main association of this sector, which is the Automobile Manufacturers Association.” He said.

This is while the Minister of Silence has recently announced that the decision to increase the price of cars in 1399 has not yet been finalized in the market regulation headquarters, but without a doubt, the prices will not be unconventional. The remarks come as automakers have suggested a more than 50 percent increase in car prices. Now we have to see if this marginal market will see the color of calm next week by determining and announcing the price of the car?

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