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Publish Date : 02 May 2020 - 09:13
Following the announcement of parts manufacturers about the possibility of a shortage of raw materials due to lack of foreign exchange allocation, tire manufacturers also warned to stop production due to a shortage of currency and announced that the inventory of activists in this field is coming to an end.
Khodrocar - The shortage of currency with the aim of supplying production inputs, which today has become one of the main challenges in the tire industry, has reached several months and has intensified the risk of stopping the production of this industry. Activists in this field say that due to the maximum production of manufacturing plants, the raw materials are running out, and if the currency is not allocated, we will soon see the cessation of tire production in the country.

"The industry has not been allocated to purchase foreign exchange raw materials since February, and the inventory of materials in manufacturing plants is running out, and if the currency is not provided as soon as possible, we will see the cessation of tire production in the country.” Mostafa Tanha, speaker of tire industry association told khodrocar reporter.

"Producers of this industry are registering orders constantly and sending their requests to the ministry of industry and this ministry will send the demands of producers to the central bank but after 3 months till now no currency has been allocated to the tire manufacturers.” He said.

"In addition to the currency shortage problem, it is not yet clear whether the tire industry will be subject to government currency this year, and the industry's prioritization and inclusion is not yet on the list.” He added.

"Currently, 10 factories are in production and the inventory of each factory is different, so it is not clear when the inventory of warehouses will end, while it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the activity of the tire industry is based on polymer and chemical activities and more than 80 ingredients are mixed together to produce a tire.” He mentioned.

"So far, there has been no problem in terms of supply from domestic tire manufacturers. Meanwhile, with the elimination of the ban on tire imports last year, twice as many as in 1397, tire has entered the country. Samand is banned.” He said.

"At present, the production of these tires in the country is very high and sufficient, and the rest of the needs are met through imports, which have been flooded into the country, and now there is no problem in terms of supply. The increase in tire imports last year was twice as high as in 1397, but the market has its own mechanism and prices may not even be balanced, while inventories of tire warehouses are the intensity is high.” He continued.

"The production of old cars is more profitable for the manufacturer because the cost is not spent on research and development, but to produce new tires, a high investment must be made in this field to reach the desired size and achieve the necessary standards to finally produce. It will be mass-produced and routinely produced, while new tires will have to be sold longer to cover the cost of the investment.” He said.

"After this time, the production of these tires will be profitable, just as Pride has been able to return the investment costs for a long time.” He said.
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