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Publish Date : 30 April 2020 - 09:12
in recent weeks the price increament due to cartex sale of some representatives has made the real customers to leave and only brokers are remaing.
Khodrocar- While the auto market was without actuvity during the Ramadan, this year it different and prices are getting higher and higher. Meanwhile activists believe that the condition of market will continue to the next supply.
"Right now the price of local cars are increasing and this has impact the proce of imported cars." Nematollah Kashani, depury of car ahow owners union told khodrocar reporter.

"Last week, some representatives sold cars with high prices as cartex and this had effect on the market. However as they stop cartex selling the market is relaxing but prices are still increasing." He added.

"Rhe union and car show owners are seeking for the peace in market but by continuing this proceduer the market will be unpredictable. people have the money and they looking to keep their money safe so they would by gold or cars." He said.

The market analyze shows that prices are still increasing and Peugeot 206 reached 120 million Toman. Samand LX is 113 million Toman, GLX is 108 million Toman, Pars is 138 million Toman and Dena Plus has reached 218 million Toman.

Meanwhile, Saipa 111 has reached 65.5 million and Saina is 83 million Toman also Tiba 2 is around 87.2 million Toman.
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