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Publish Date : 28 April 2020 - 09:06
Automakers' initial efforts to remove old platforms have begun, and the industry's first steps toward product diversity appear to have been taken as one of the highlights of the New Year.
Khodrocar - The plan to eliminate the production of non-standard cars and cars with the old platform, which are unable to meet the eighty-five standards, has entered the implementation phase by the automakers.

Meanwhile, the pressure on carmakers to meet the 58 standards continued even during the sanctions, when automakers did not have a deadline. Vahid Marandi Moghaddam, deputy director of the National Standards Organization's Standards Supervision Department, stressed yesterday that the car companies did not have a letter or request to upgrade the previous standards, indicating that the automakers were ready to comply with the standards.

It was in the middle of summer two years ago that Nayreh Piroozbakht, head of the National Organization for Standardization of Iran, announced that given the conditions facing the automotive industry, if the automaker meets the 85 car standards, it is possible that some standards will be met. It's not easy to keep them safe for a year.

Emphasizing that the National Standards Organization complies with the current conditions of the country, he said that car manufacturers should also do their best and take steps to comply with the 85 car standards. The National Standards Organization predicted a deadline for carmakers due to sanctions and a shortage of parts, while carmakers have been diversifying their products since the second half of last year, introducing their new cars in the winter of last year. They announced their release in the New Year.

Meanwhile, the first step in this regard was taken last week, according to which the production of Pride 111 was stopped, so that the CEO of Saipa Automotive Group announced the cessation of production of the second Pride model and said that the latest Pride 111 of Saipa Automotive Group's X100 family products It was produced on the fourth of Ordibehesht, 1399, and thus the production of two models, 132 and 111, out of the three models of Pride passenger cars, was permanently removed from Saipa's product portfolio in the Iranian market.

"Variety of products is one of the necessities of the automotive industry, which in the long run will lead to stability in product exports.” Amr allah Amini, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Quality planning as well as attention and study in local and regional standards and spending money in this direction are among the essential items in exports, which it seems that automakers are currently looking to achieve this and take the first steps. With the removal of old cars have been removed.” He said.

"Although there are many problems with automakers in the current context and the possibility of non-fulfillment of standards, the introduction of new products by automakers last year showed that they are aware of the needs of consumers and are trying to meet these needs.” He continued.

The removal of old cars on the one hand and the removal of seven cars due to sanctions and the resulting problems show the return of the good days of the automotive industry. An industry that has been attacked in recent years by the sudden withdrawal of foreign partners from the automotive industry, as well as US sanctions, and has been forced to stop a number of cars, but automakers have described the year 1399 as the year of product diversity and its initial steps. Has also confirmed this claim.
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