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Publish Date : 22 April 2020 - 09:04
Corona has disrupted the world's financial and economic calculations these days, ranging from declining car sales to a sharp drop in oil prices, raising the question of whether Iran's auto industry will also face declining sales.
Khodrocar - Corona has not only shut down automakers in the world, but has also significantly reduced sales in major automotive brands around the world. Statistics show that car sales in the UK, the European Union and the European Free Trade Organization fell 51.8% in March. Italy with 85 percent decrease, France with 72.2 percent, Spain with 69.3 percent and Germany with 73.7 percent decrease in car sales, respectively, the most negative markets in March and among European car brands Volkswagen was the biggest loss-making European carmaker in March with 43.6 percent drop in sales, Renault with 63.7 percent and Peugeot-Citroen with 66.9 percent.

In this situation, there is a concern that the Iranian car industry will also face a decrease in cars with the start of its activities. Certainly, if this happens, as automakers produce about 2,000 cars a day, they will again face a shortage of liquidity due to a lack of sales, while the maintenance costs of these cars will double. It will be the responsibility of the automakers. However, car industry experts have a different opinion and consider the inflation in Iran to prevent such a thing from happening, and believe that car buyers will definitely make their purchase due to fear of the high price of cars, and domestic carmakers will have a difficult time despite the reduction in purchasing power and they will not face a decrease in sales.

The outbreak of the corona virus worldwide, which now affects more than two million people, has shut down many dealerships and car factories.

"At the same time as carmakers are starting to sell their cars due to the economic crisis and the lack of currency, everyone is expecting inflation in the first half of the year, so it is expected that stray capital withdrawn from banks will enter the car market again.” Babak Sadraei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Definitely in this case, some of these cars will be bought by brokers and some by consumers. In Italy, Spain, France and Germany, which have been struggling with corona, there is no inflation, and car buyers are aware of this, and therefore postpone their need to buy a car for months to come, but in Iran, consumers. He is trying to buy a car as soon as possible because it is not more expensive.” He said.

"Accordingly, in Iran, due to unbalanced economic conditions, the situation will be somewhat different. At present, car production and sales have decreased compared to two years ago, but there is always this need in the market, and despite the forecast of a decrease in purchasing power due to price increases, this purchase will not mean zero and stop buying.” He added.

"However, this need has now reached about 800,000 units, so the purchasing power has decreased, but there is always this need, and in this situation, carmakers will have to hold sales conditions to attract buyers in order to maintain their market.” He mentioned.

It seems that inflation will hit the car industry this time, unlike in previous years, and will prevent the market from stagnating, but without a doubt, due to the decrease in purchasing power, car manufacturers should anticipate buying conditions and facilities in order to attract more buyers.

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