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Publish Date : 19 April 2020 - 09:15
Meanwhile, the high share of logistics in the cost price is mentioned that due to the problems in the supply chain, the share of this sector in the cost price has increased and only if the management is correct, the cost of the car can be reduced.
Khodrocar - The logistics department has always been referred to as transportation, but this department is in charge of managing the flow of goods. Logistics management is considered as a role in the supply chain and its task is to design, implement, control and increase the efficiency of processes related to all economic activities, including production. Accordingly, if there are any problems in this sector, while not having economic production, we will see an increase in costs.

Farshad Moghimi, CEO of Iran Khodro, recently mentioned this as one of the influential factors in the price reduction movement and emphasized that he is pursuing programs aimed at implementing this movement in the automotive industry. However, the faculty member of Iran University of Science and Technology has answered the question of what is the logistics share in the cost of a car.

"Certainly, there are several factors involved in the cost, and organizational productivity is one of them, but there is no doubt that the logistical role of this price cannot be overstated.” Abolfazl Khalkhali, professor of Elm O Sanat University told khodrocar reporter.

"From the beginning, when the raw material is turned into a piece and that piece into a car in the factory and reaches the consumer, logistics plays the first role, and in general, resource management will be included in this topic.” He said.

"If we consider logistics management as supply chain management or engineering, we will find out the disadvantages and lack of proper formation of supply chain in terms of correct structure, because these cases are not based on the correct structure. Currently, we are witnessing complexities in the supply chain, which has led to an increase in the price of parts and, ultimately, the cost of a car, which must be eliminated.” He said.

"Currently, logistics costs have been minimized in the world's major automakers, while in Iran, due to these complexities, parallel sources have been created, while if the part is created by one source, production circulation will increase and can be It was offered at a reasonable price.” He mentioned.

"By working properly on logistics and organizing suppliers then it would affect the final costs. Among all some unions and association could help the car industry by organizing the supply chain.” He said.

"All over the world, the components of a car account for 40% of the cost of a car, which in Iran reaches 60%, and the remaining 40% includes wages, but because in Iran the selling price The car is low due to grammatical pricing and wages are not high, so the price of parts in Iran is 60 to 65 percent of the cost of the car, which logistics also lies in the price of parts.” He said.

"There are many reasons for this to be multi-source, including the lack of economics of circulation, the inability of a supplier, or the old or inefficient supply chain production process. It is acceptable because there must be an analysis in between that creates a parallel source that increases the cost.” He added.

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