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Publish Date : 18 April 2020 - 09:14
As of today, low-risk businesses are starting to operate, and the activity of passages is still banned, which has hit the business of spare parts activists, increasing the likelihood of a shortage of parts and the increase in counterfeit spare parts.
Khodrocar - Parts sales passages have been identified as one of the most risky businesses, while these centers are mostly responsible for distributing parts to the provinces. Accordingly, activists in this area warn of the possibility of a shortage of parts if the passage of the passages continues.

"Spare parts sales passages will still be subject to the Stop Act action, and since an expert from the union was not present at the Coronation Headquarters, the union's brokerage did not raise the issue of reopening the passages.” Mehdi Kazemi, speaker of Tehran’s spare part union told khodrocar reporter.

"Consumers get their goods from shops along the street, and the passages are the only ones that meet the needs of colleagues and distribute parts to the cities.” He added.

"At present, the vendors in the passages are facing problems, such as returned checks, while in the past few months, there have been objections to the sellers' actions regarding the shortage of truck parts, and now we warn that if the passages are closed, there is a possibility of shortage of parts. It will be there in the next few days.” He said.

"There is no traffic in the passages, and the union guarantees that the disease will not develop due to the reopening of the passages. In addition, the people present in the passage without training have observed all the health protocols, and if there is a colleague in the shop, there will be no problem.” He told.

"Passages are the only place to supply and distribute, and all the parts needed by the provinces of Iran are supplied with electricity, so there is no need to close the passages on this street.” He said.

"Two months have passed since the parts market closed, and while all needs are now met, including masks and gloves, trucks and vans, even ambulances transporting Crown patients are supplying their parts from the market, so Measures should be taken to allow at least a number of passages to open their shops, and to add to this number next week so as not to harm the people.” He mentioned.

"In this situation, the cars fall asleep, so it is necessary for the decision-making bodies of each union to be present in order to present their statements so that the right decision can be made.” He called.

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