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Publish Date : 16 April 2020 - 09:00
The car market has been hit by buying and selling sites and prices these days, while market participants are worried about rising demand as the market reopens as well as the post-Macron era, stressing an increase in supply to balance prices.
Khodrocar - The car market is one of the indicators for measuring inflation, and these days the thermometer of this market is at the highest level. Market participants consider the rising trend of prices unrealistic and emphasize that in a situation where the market has been on holiday since March and at the same time there is no supply, how prices have increased. This market has always been one of the most marginalized markets and currently the sales and marketing sites that manage this market. However, there is a concern that with the improvement of the situation, where will the demand situation reach?

"Currently, prices are announced on the sales sites, which do not have any specific reference, and without a doubt, the prices listed on these sites are not real, because no sales have been made since March 11, and at the same time, exchange centers. The license plate and numbering of the car are also closed and no transaction is made.” Nemat ollah Kashani, deputy manager of car show owners union told khodrocar reporter.

"People are not thinking about buying and selling cars at all at the moment, and now we have to wait for the market to reopen from next Saturday to determine where the prices will go. In recent weeks, there has been no supply to the market due to the closure of the market, as well as carmakers, so the price trend of cars is not yet clear.” He said.

"In the New Year night market, there was very little buying and selling due to the outbreak of the corona virus, so the needs were not met much. With the reopening of markets, we will see a desire to buy and sell cars.” He continued.

"This situation is not very predictable after Corona and it is not possible to have a correct understanding of the decrease or increase of prices in the post-Corona era, so the statements made about the current increase in prices are not very documented. There have been very limited purchases and sales before this date, and it is safe to say that the car market has been in absolute stagnation for two months.” He mentioned.

The remarks come as a look at the price trend after the Nowruz holiday shows an increase, while the president of the Automobile Exhibitors' Union has repeatedly stressed that these prices are unrealistic, but that this has had a psychological effect. Brought with it. Now we have to wait for the first working day of the car market to see how close the announced prices are to reality.

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