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Publish Date : 15 April 2020 - 09:01
The return of 100,000 manpower to the auto industry in the first month of winter was good news for the industry, but only four months later, industry activists are threatening the industry. They know and believe that grammatical pricing in recent years, on the one hand, and the increasing demands of component makers, on the other, have taken away the planning power of the industry.
Khodrocar - While explaining the problems of this industry, the Homogeneous Industries Association has provided solutions to improve this situation, such as improving car pricing and price correction, reducing the price of raw materials and facilitating order registration, and improving how to allocate currency and ultimately localization by relying on incentive packages.

The threat of employment in the parts industry, along with the lack of liquidity of activists in this field, is emphasized in the second half of last year, emphasizing the return to normal conditions of the parts industry and attracting the adjusted forces of this industry as an achievement of the internalization movement. It was mentioned, but only a month after the beginning of the New Year, the complaints of the activists in this field have risen again. In this context, the question arises as to whether the industry has the right forecast for its future and is moving forward with planning, or whether it is only looking at the situation for a while.

" Undoubtedly, the launch of the production line will be launched with the aim of producing more and creating more jobs, and after starting to work, it is trying to increase employment and income, but economic conditions, sanctions and the situation of domestic and economic policy, as well as recklessness. Officials have caused this fluctuation every year." Saeed Sabouri, treasurer of part industry association told khodrocar reporter.

"The lack of stability in the economy and sudden events such as the cessation of foreign sales and the central bank's lack of commitment to planning show that no device is living up to its commitments, while unforeseen events such as the corona have led to crises. In this situation, it is necessary for the government to take action and provide the necessary support.” He added.

"Under these circumstances, it is necessary to apply the premiums paid in previous years now to help the industry in the current situation where the parts industry is facing a lack of liquidity.” He said.

"Lack of cooperation with the devices weakens the auto industry and manpower adjustment, which happened last year with promises to improve the situation and re-recruit, but in practice did not materialize. The piece industry deteriorated in the last days of the year.” He mentioned.

"The projected facility of 10,000 billion tomans in the automotive industry was also halved, and automakers could hardly receive part of the figure, the main reason being the lack of cooperation between the banks, so that 20% of the amount paid remained with the banks. However, the industry is in a critical situation of sanctions, and it is natural that the domestic manufacturer will face many problems.” He said.

"The automotive and parts industries are in an unfavorable situation, but they are forced to buy high-priced materials and sell at lower prices, indicating that orderly pricing in the industry has only hurt the automotive industry.” He continued.

Activists in this field consider the increase in demands as the main reason for this trend and believe that if car manufacturers take action to settle their claims in time, this situation will not arise, but the demand of 28,000 billion tomans has contributed to the lack of liquidity of activists in this field. This is also due to the mandatory pricing in the automotive industry.

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