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Publish Date : 09 April 2020 - 09:02
Parts industry activists insist on not starting the industry on Saturday with the aim of preventing a catastrophe, stressing that the defined health protocol cannot be implemented in the industry, while to date all the proposals made by the manufacturers Not accepted.
Khodrocar - Emphasis on the impossibility of implementing the health protocol in the parts industry, while parts manufacturers have already emphasized this issue, but due to insistence on the activity of this industry, its implementation in parts manufacturing units has started since last week, but now It is emphasized that the production lines of the parts industry are unable to implement the protocol due to the complexity.

On the other hand, statistics show that a large number of parts manufacturers have died due to corona, which has caused concern among employers because the responsibility for the consequences of the disease has been placed on employers. However, it does not seem reasonable to develop a health protocol for all industries.

"The production lines in the parts industry are more established and different from the production lines of other industries, and these production lines cannot be considered the same as other industries, because the distance between the operators in this industry is very close to each other.” Maziyar Bigloo, secretary of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.  

"In general, high-volume production lines are not capable of implementing this set protocol, so the notification protocol does not address the problems that increase the probability of spread in the production lines of parts manufacturers, and the current problem of activists in this field is that in addition to this situation, pedestrians The construction of the health protocol depends on the closure of the parts manufacturing units, so there is concern about what is going to happen with this situation.” He said.

"The concern from the association, as well as 60 major component makers, was first reported to the governorates and then to the relevant ministries, and now the concern has intensified among component makers, but unfortunately the association's proposal to change the summer vacation time and postpone it to It has not yet been accepted, however, that parts manufacturers are still on offer to offer full quarantine within two weeks of the shutdown, and there is an ability in parts manufacturers to make up for lost circulation these days during the summer holidays.” He said.

"In a joint statement, parts manufacturers stressed that last week we implemented protocols to meet the requirements as much as possible and to change production lines as much as possible, but to reduce manpower while the automaker in its correspondence. With the National Headquarters for Combating Corona, it has emphasized on activity and production with all its might. Based on this, the question arises as to how it will be possible to produce with all its might by reducing manpower in the parts industry.” He continued.

"In production, circulation has always been an economic criterion. Therefore, reducing circulation to one-third leads to damage to parts manufacturing units because production was at its peak in its current state and its reduction leads to loss.” Bigloo answered.

"The promulgation of these protocols is only a shift away from responsibility, so that the burden of this task is now placed on the private sector, while in the event of any problems for the worker, the employer must be held accountable for reducing production and the resulting losses. The employer must also be responsible, which has created a paradox that ultimately the employers of the parts industry have to pay for these decisions.” He said.

It seems that the most rational step in the current situation is to implement the proposals made by the activists of this industry, because without a doubt, the implementation of the summer holiday shift of parts manufacturers can achieve the same goals as the mutation of production, make the parts manufacturers disgusted by this disease.

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