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Publish Date : 27 March 2020 - 08:56
Brilliance Automotive Group is a Chinese car and auto parts manufacturer that has been assembling and manufacturing automobiles since 1992. The founder of the company was Yang Rong, which initially produced the minibus only with the help of Toyota. In 2003, after Yang Rong was granted asylum in the United States, Brilliance signed a contract with BMW to manufacture and distribute sedans of this brand in China.
Khodrocar - In 2003, BMW reached an agreement with China to manufacture automobiles in China. It now manufactures BMW, Series 3 and Series 5, as well as BMW and X1 using a combination of Chinese and imported parts. Approximately 60 percent of these vehicles come from outside China, and some of these Chinese-made cars differ from their original counterparts.

BMW and BMW production alongside the FAW Group and Mercedes-Benz BMWs were the only Western luxury cars to gain popularity in the Chinese market. And Benz also worked with the company. Nearly a decade after the plant was established, the second phase of automobile production began. BMW and Germany, with full oversight and cooperation with Brilliance, launched a very strong production line. The brand of this Zhongua product line was formally launched in 2009. That same year, it produced about 150,000 cars and 80,000 minibuses, all of which were sold.

In 2008, Brillance postponed its plans to launch the car in the US and only briefly launched its cars in the European market, stopping in Europe in 2010. By 2009, Brilliance had become China's eighth largest automaker. In 2010 more than 800,000 cars were produced by the company. In 2012, with the focus on car quality, that figure dropped to 6,000, but still nearly 6 times higher than any other car company in China.

In 2007, Triple Berlian won only one of the five qualifying stars in the European Quality Test. After not being allowed to sell cars in the European market, Brilliance focused heavily on changes to its car that eventually earned it three stars. With the termination of the partnership of one of the partner companies with Brilliance, which was in the field of Toledo Motor Vehicle Parts, Brilliance was forced to produce its own motor vehicle, which greatly increased the cost of the company so that it would focus on all aspects of its car as before. did not have . This led to the EU deadline of 2010 to send a car with at least four star ratings, and Britain could no longer sell its sedan in Europe.

However, with the help of three German companies in the field of car body and body, three Taiwanese and Malaysian companies in the field of raw materials production, and finally Kia and Hyundai Korea in the field of gearboxes and motors, Brillance was able to produce passenger cars. In many ways it is really a desirable and satisfying vehicle. Brillian now offers its cars in the markets of Russia, Australia, South Korea, Chile, Colombia, Egypt and some Gulf states such as Kuwait.

The company is present in more than 80 countries. Current brands include Brilliance, Huasong, Zhongwa and Jinbi. With over $ 120 million in revenue and 49,000 employees, Brilliance is worth nearly $ 16 billion. Brilliance has sold more than 5 million cars from 2006 to 2015. In 2015, the plant produced 856,000 cars and more than 1 million motors.

Brillance has also been producing small vans using Toyota technology since the 1990s. In addition to Toyota and BMW, Brilliance has also collaborated to assemble Chinese versions of Mitsubishi and Porsche.

Berlian in Iran has partnered with Saipa and Pars Khodro. The company was planning to produce its own car engine on Iranian soil. They also planned to enter Iran's neighboring countries by using their joint plants in Iran, where the second round of sanctions hampered its activity in Iran.

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