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Many successful companies around the world have gone through difficult times and have been able to overcome many fluctuations, diligently turning their career path towards success, and have now become brands that many individuals and companies Foreigners and foreigners are longing to embark on their journey, knowing that their history can provide us with an overview of why they succeed. Mazda is a Japanese car company, founded in 1920 by Jojiro Matsuda.
Khodrocar - The Company is headquartered in Akaai, Hiroshima, Japan. In 2016, the company produced more than 1.5 million cars. Mazda is currently ranked 15th among the largest car manufacturers in the world.

Jojiro Matsuda, founder of Mazda Automotive Company, inspired by Ahuramazda and named his first product due to his name's similarity to the word Mazda. According to Mazda's website, the reason for the company's name was stated: "Mazda's name is derived from Ahurazda's name, the god of the first civilizations in West Asia. We interpreted Ahuramazda as the god of wisdom, thought and harmony. As the origin of both Eastern and Western civilization as well as a symbol of car culture. This blend was driven by the desire to achieve world peace and the development of the automotive industry.

Mazda was founded in 1920 as a machine tool manufacturer and since 1931 has also been producing cars. The company produced weapons and weapons for the Japanese army during World War II. The company's first four-wheel drive car, the 360, was introduced in 1960.

There is a lot of talk about Jojiro Matsuda, including his special interest in Zoroastrianism and Ahura Mazda. This person is said to have a fondness for this ritual based on what has happened in his life and has become acquainted with some of those who have followed Zoroastrian teachings.

Jojiro Matsuda's interest in Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism and the similarity of his name to the word Mazda has formed the name of the automobile company. Of course the company is known in Japan as its founder and its products are traded under the name Matsuda, but the authentic and registered brand of the car was Mazda from the beginning and has been the same in all stages of its formation.

Regarding Mazda's history, the company was founded in 1920, and after 11 years of research and development, it was able to launch its first series of vehicles. Like many car companies in World War II, the company went into production of war vehicles and, like Renault France, which supplied many of the French Army's motorcycles, began to produce trucks, weapons and other war equipment. The company entered the fringe.

After the end of the war, its car business resumed after many ups and downs, and the brand's first four-wheel drive car, the Mazda 360, came on the market in 1960, a good thing in the Japanese car industry. Launched under Matsuda's full name, Matsuda Kabushiki Kaisha, Mazda currently operates in Hiroshima, Japan, producing more than two million cars annually and providing international markets.

There were many people in the path to the success of Mazda Motor Company and History of Mazda, including the founder of the company, but we should not overlook the role of people like Kenichi Yamamoto. Yamamoto's Kinichi, the father of Mazda's rotary motors, was instrumental in improving the quality of Mazda's products by inventing these types of motors.

Yamamoto, who was able to take over as Mazda chief and increase the company's productivity and quality during his tenure, died at the age of 95. The elite engineer first worked for two years at Mazda's parent company and was able to produce a dedicated car engine while he was working. He came up with the Mazda design after showing off his incredible talent in automotive and was able to provide good examples of the engines needed by the company.

Mazda took the lead in the 1991 Lemans Competition under Yamamoto's management, creating a huge media wave around the world that people around the world increasingly realized the quality of Mazda's products. It is interesting to know that the Mazda B787 was able to win the championship without the pistons and make a major revolution in the championships.

Also with the revolution that Yamamoto brought to Mazda, despite the lack of rotary engines currently in place, a large research team is working to continue producing these types of cars, which may lead to some interesting results that will bring Mazda back to the headline. The media of the world.

For more than half a century, Mazda owes its work to people such as Yamamoto and Matsuda who have managed to turn the company into a familiar brand at the level of American and European brands.

In the 1970s, the Iranian car market witnessed the presence of one of the most prestigious international brands in the two types of sedans and pickups and was able to find a good position among Iranian customers. The Mazda 929 was the first coupe-powered car to hit the Iranian market and find good customers.

Mazda may have been a good pickup truck that came into our country, rather than being known for passenger cars, and gained a lot of fans. Brand pickups are still produced in the country and have a very high sales in the country. The vehicles of this brand were manufactured by Bahman Group.

Known as "Mazda and Iran Van Automobile Company" from the very beginning, the automotive group was able to gain a good reputation in the country's automotive market by offering cars of this brand. Perhaps the production of Mazda F323 and SL323 cars in Iran was a major development in the avalanche group's products, which due to their good quality made them more popular in the country.

Production of the Mazda FL 323 continued through the year 86, and the high sales of these cars prompted the new Mazda models to enter the avalanche lineup and the Iranian people welcomed these products. Perhaps the peak of Mazda products in Iran is Mazda 3, which is still available in various markets and is being marketed and Mazda 3 is the latest vehicle offered by Bahman Group.
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