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French entrepreneur and craftsman Louis Renault is the founder of Renault, whose first car was called the Renault type A, built in the 1898 year. The Renault Company was formally founded in the year 1899 by Louis Renault and its brothers (Marcel and Fernandes) by the name of Renault Ferrers with a small capital.
Khodrocar - In the early 1900s, Renault patented its own Direct Drive gearbox. With the rapid expansion of the company, their annual sales increased, and with the expansion of the workforce in year 1902, they were able to expand the factory area to 7500 square meters. That same year, Louis made his first Renault-branded engine, with four cylinders and 24 horsepower, shortly thereafter giving him a turbocharged engine rating.

Marcel Renault died at the age of 31 in a race between Paris and Madrid. This year Fernando Renault began to establish a Renault product sales network and establish a business outside France in the UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Spain.

In year 1905, the company received an order to build 250 taxis, which in effect transformed Renault from a workshop into a French mass-produced and number one factory. In year 1907, about half of London's taxis were Renault. In the year 1919, Louis Renault broke into the European auto industry and competed with American rivals.

During World War I, Renault played an important role, two events of which were noteworthy. First, the upside-down taxi event, which refers to 500 Renault taxis that were used to transport troops to Paris during World War I. The second was a light tank designed in 1917 and played a key role in the Allied victory.

By the end of the Renault war with factories in Belgium, England and Spain, it continued to be a major car manufacturer in France. In the year 1940 after the French occupation of Germany, Louis Renault refused to build a tank for Nazi Germany, and the Germans took control of the factory and began to build lorries.

At that time, the Provisional Government of the Republic of France accused Louis Renault of collaborating with the Germans, and after Vichy's liberation, France arrested him in 1944 and imprisoned him in Fresno. He died in prison in the turbulent circumstances of those days, while awaiting trial.

On January 1 on 1945, following the verdict of General De Gaulle, on an unproven allegation, Louis Renault's company was annulled and the Renault factory nationalized. The company remained under government control for the next 50 years. The original philosophy remained unchanged and numerous innovations were also introduced in the world of racing.

The company purchased Mack's factories in 1990 and now owns it. Renault bought 45% of Nissan's equity in the 1999 and gave it a 15% stake in Nissan. In the same year, Samsung joined Renault and was launched with the participation of two Renault Samsung Motors.

In year 2000, a contract was signed between Volvo and Renault, which gave Renault a 20% stake in Volvo in the construction of the truck. In 2001, he began building mountain bikes and street bikes, and the partnership of Renault and Nissan made Nissan more profitable.

Renault won the Formula One in 2005 by driving Fernando Alonso, and in 2009 began designing and building electric cars. Renault, with the participation of Frans Telecom, was the first car maker to add the satellite line to Addis Line, and Renault's Sat Satell was recognized as the world's quietest car. Renault's headquarters are in Bilancourt, with over 124,000 people working in Renault's 118 countries.

The two companies are now recognized as the world's 4th largest car maker after joining the Renault-Nissan Alliance Group. The French government is the largest shareholder with 15% of Renault's shares. Renault's major shareholders at the end of fiscal year 2011 included the French government with 15.1 percent, Nissan with 15 percent, Daimler AG with 3.1 percent, employees 3.6 percent and float 62.46 percent.

Renault, a French carmaker, is involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of various classes of cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, tractors, autoril, buses and electric cars.

Renault was named the third largest car maker in Europe after Volkswagen and Peugeot Citroen in the year 2011, and is now ninth in the world in the largest car companies.

Renault owns a majority stake in Dacia Romanian, Turkish Oyak-Renault, Korean Renault Samsung Motors and Iranian Renault Pars. The company also holds 43.4% of the Japanese company Nissan and 25% of the Russian auto company.

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