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Publish Date : 17 March 2020 - 09:11
With only three days remaining since 1398, the banking system has finally fallen into position to pay for the automotive industry, which injecting this liquidity into the supply chain has raised hopes for increased car production in the early days of the year.
Khodrocar - "Yesterday, in the last hours of the year 98, the amount of 2,400 billion Tomans from the share of 2500 billion Tomans Iran Khodro and the amount of 1,800 billion Tomans was paid to Saipa from the predicted facilities of the automakers, all of which were distributed in the supply chain.” Maziyar Beigloo, secretary of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"Given the association's oversight of the distribution of these facilities, it has been fairly fair to pay a large amount of the overdue payments, but the total claims have been higher and will be paid in later stages.” He said.

He mentioned that Saipa had faced with different problems in order to receive the facility and hoped that this automakers could get the rest of facility in the remaining days of the year.” He continued.

"From the first day we emphasized hurrying to pay for these facilities, but the banking bureaucracy was a big challenge as this year's legislation was different from last year's, and the banking system was obliged to do things, so it was time to pay.” He said.

"We're happy to pay for this facility because part of the demands of the makers were covered by the facility, which led us to start working harder and start production in the early days of next year.” He said.

"The amount of claims made by carmakers is about 20 thousand billion IRRs and this is agreed by the carmakers and the carmakers' association, of which around 70 thousand billion IRRs have been settled, with the recent action amounting to 4500 to 50 thousand billion IRRs which this include a large number.” He told.

"The problem of supplying some commodities and raw materials from China has been a concern for weeks, but has now been resolved and China has begun shipping about three weeks ago. At the same time, the carmakers' insistence on getting pre-holiday facilities was a reason to use these vacations to save on shipping.” He said.

"Payment at the end of the year allowed us to use the Nowruz holiday to supply goods and raw materials of Chinese origin and use it for production next year. Good arrangements have been made by Sapco and the makers of logistics to minimize the impact of the Corona virus on the automotive industry. The makers will also produce and supply the parts with maximum power and are expected to face the least problems next year.” He said.

These conditions are now expected to see more prosperous days for the industry, as opposed to the end of the year when production slows due to the spread of the Corona virus in the early days of next year.

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