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Publish Date : 16 March 2020 - 08:51
While looking at the performance of automakers in product development shows a slow and turtle performance, which in addition to sanctions, the lack of sufficient research and development can be one of the main reasons for this.
Khodrocar - High risk of failure in design projects and weaknesses in the realization of the optimal process of new product development in the automotive industry and its low ability to identify and model new product design systems, on the other hand, are among the most important issues facing the automotive industry in the field of product development. .

The situation comes as foreign partners cut off cooperation this year through renewed sanctions that have halted the production of assembly cars and aftermarket and canceled carmakers' plans to produce new products. It was encountered because some of these products supplied their own advanced parts, such as automatic gearboxes, which stopped importing when they stopped cooperating. Under these circumstances it is natural that waiting for product development was not expected somewhere for automakers.

The reversal of sanctions has forced automakers to focus on products that were previously manufactured, and in such a situation, the automakers have launched an internal parts movement to look beyond their domestic needs in addition to supplying the parts they need. Previously funded through imports, they planned to produce more advanced parts and eventually product development.

Undoubtedly, in addition to the built-in ability to produce parts, the automotive research center which has been inactive for the past few years has also been a great help in this regard, while it has always been a long time dedicated to research and development in the automotive industry. It is not natural and in the current situation that automakers have suffered more losses than ever due to grammatical pricing, and one cannot expect to allocate funds to these research centers.

This made automakers not prioritize product development in 1398. But a glance at the technology change engine and subsequent product development at international car Companies shows that they invest about $ 100 billion a year in research and development.

On the horizon of the automotive industry, it is also predicted that about one to three percent of carmakers' turnover will be spent on research and development, but most of the funding is said to be from new product development projects to large consulting companies. The design of the car and its collections are dedicated.

What is clear this year is the turtle movement of automakers in product development for several reasons. The only positive move automakers have made in introducing new products in 1398 is the recent move by two carmakers that have brought some hope to the industry by introducing their new cars on the sidelines.

Saipa’s Roham which changed its name to Shahin in two models of sedan and hatchback is the new products of this company in next year and IKCO is going to announce DENA + automatic while the automaker tried to satisfy the customer’s need by announcing RANA and Soren. But undoubtedly, R&D is a fundamental product development strategy, something that has not been addressed to date.
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