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Publish Date : 10 March 2020 - 09:09
While banks won’t pay 50 thousand billion IRRs facility to part makers, debt of supply chain of auto industry has reached 310 thousand billion IRRs which 90 thousand billion of it is more than 120 days.
Khodrocar - Industry activists attribute this trend to grammatical pricing, citing the inability of the automaker to liquidate the probes, believing that profits from increased production are currently being generated by speculators, leading to a defective equation. They believe the amount is so high that even the full payment of the 50 trillion IRRs facility does not sufficiently cover the 120-day claims.

"Previously, auto makers had been settling their parts salesmen's weekly sales claims, but these payments did not sufficiently increase current production because, as production and sales increased, the maker also needed more cash to supply the piece, but Without a return, the demands of the makers will increase.” Saeed Sabouri, treasurer of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"In such a situation, the wrong equation is formed because the car maker is supplying the car at a high cost, and the carmaker sells cars, some of which are harmful, and consumers buy the car. Which is much lower than the market margin.” He mentioned.

"While the car is offered at an approved price by the carmaker, the profits from the car come from intermediaries. The challenge is because the carmaker is unable to cover the costs incurred, in which case its cumulative losses increase annually, and the realization of these conditions means increased losses for the manufacturers.” He added.

"The pressure is only on the part makers, but with the destruction of the car industry we will also see the car industry disappear, and the registrants will not be able to get the registration cars.” He said.

"This will result in the car price being released and marginalized so that the dealers can be cut off from the car market so people can buy a lower car and the car maker can sell the car at a fair price. And the proceeds from the sale will reach the maker, but as the current pricing process continues, automakers are forced to hand over money to the maker with the insistence of being able to obtain banking facilities.” He continued.

"20 percent of this facility will remain in the bank as a security credit. The measure would reduce the liquidity of the carmaker and increase the liquidity of the banks, but banks and other entities still operate island-wide.” He said.

"Sazeh Gostar and Megamotor are sharing part of about 600 billion toman received and Iran Khodro has received about 1300 billion toman which by removing 30% of the bank collateral, pay the remaining amount to the part makers while If they pay for all the facilities, then they won't have to settle for a 120-day claim, but it's a new breath for the creators.” He said.

"Delays in pay will also break the automobile and parts industry, and the industry that is being tapped by Trump-sanctioned domestic sanctions, while workers in the area, including their families, can number up to 5 million people. That should provide the basis for this chain of activity.” He said.

While industry activists are dissatisfied with the current state of payment facilities, the sympathy and national solidarity of all related devices outweigh the current needs and believe that working with all devices can improve the current disadvantage.

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