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Publish Date : 09 March 2020 - 09:10
Probable closure of automakers in the last 2 weeks of the year and part importation decrease in recent weeks by the spread of coronavirus, decreased the production and increased prices of New Year market more than before.
Khodrocar - With the Corona virus delaying planning for Nowruz trips in recent weeks, we have seen declining demand and falling prices in the car market. In this situation, carmakers are likely to be shut down for the remainder of the year, which raises the question of whether this holiday will have an impact on the New Year market.

"While demand for the car will also decline through Corona, it is also important to note that the current trend in the automotive industry and its support is not right.” Saeed Madani, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Paying support at different times and injecting liquidity into the automotive industry and auxiliary parts will not help the industry and increase the cumulative loss of the industry.” He said.

"Corona's impact on product development, product quality, upgrading and production growth is not feasible and needs to be thought out for the future. Corona restrictions will be lifted in a few months, but the main problem with the current automotive industry is the current trend. Production is not a clear prospect for next year.” He said.

"Demand for car purchases is increasing every year, although the demand we had last year was unreasonable, but with Corona still in the offing, a few million will undoubtedly be on the line.” He mentioned.

"Corona has reduced demand and with the decline in production resulting from factory closures to some extent the market balance and with the current trend does not have a significant impact on the supply and demand of Eid night so Corona has no effect on the New Year night market due to reduced demand Is.” He said.

"Problems such as pricing, privatization, and exchange rate changes have had an impact on the automotive industry, with automobile products now being produced at a loss and most products being sold at a loss. While the profit margin is more than normal, the solution to this problem is to reform the pricing system.” He added.

"The venture capital needs to be transferred to the auto industry so that people are looking to buy car stocks rather than forming a car lineup, which requires high profits and positive EPS, in the face of unreasonable pressure on demand.” He continued.

It is anticipated that even the decline in automobile production in the remaining days of the year will not have an impact on the market, but with the passage of time this year, the prospects for the automobile industry are not very clear.

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