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Publish Date : 07 March 2020 - 09:06
In the next year's budget, the importation of high-priority, hybrid cars has been approved by car importers who are skeptical of its implementation and insist that it has already announced its readiness to rely on foreign-currency imports. We have but the government has not agreed to allocate the currency for car imports.
Khodrocar - Following the approval of the budget, a government decree clarified that the next year's budget bill, which was sent to the Guardian Council, provided for conditional imports of foreign currency. However, in the original government bill, no revenue was projected from the budget.

According to this approval "In the year 1399, import of light and heavy duty vehicles with priority of hybrid cars and mining machinery and foreign exchange road construction is permitted, according to the laws and regulations.”

This is while car importers and their respective associations have repeatedly stated their willingness to do so in order to speed up the needs of car buyers.

While this clause is projected in the Year 1399 budget, the secretary of the Association of Automobile Importers believes that it seems inappropriate for the government to authorize car imports because one of the reasons for the import ban was to support domestic production by liberalizing it which this goal will be tarnished.

"The government's belief is not just about currency for car imports, but it should be borne in mind that liberalizing imports at past tariffs is not rational and will not affect current markets and prices.” He added.

"The increase in foreign exchange prices is projected for the coming year, with rising trading and import costs, which will dramatically increase the price of cars by calculating the NIMAY dollar, so the liberalization of imports has no effect on lowering prices and calming the market.” He said.

"While the import liberalization budget has focused on foreign-origin currency, importers have repeatedly emphasized the use of foreign currency resources and have stated that they are ready to import cars without foreign exchange.” He mentioned.

"Importers have the ability to import cars abroad without relying on a single dollar of foreign exchange, relying on foreign currency resources at their disposal.” He continued.

"Since last year, we have seen a sharp adjustment in the power of importing companies and they are doing everything to preserve existing employment, but it is hoped that the government will implement the measure from next year's budget.” He said.

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