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Publish Date : 06 March 2020 - 09:08
Price of cars is keep decreasing and the market is in a heavy stagnation, activists of the market had many reasons for the situation but coronavirus could be the main reason.
Khodrocar – Outbreak of coronavirus and cancellation of New Year trips, not putting price in trading websites and other reasons has caused the price reduction in the past weeks.

"With the spread of Corona, there is no buying and selling in the market, and buyers are prevented from accessing the market for fear of Corona.” Nematollah Kashani, deputy manager of car sellers union told khodrocar reporter.

"All markets are in recession, but the recession in the automobile market is severe, while the automobile market is already in recession, and with it the recession has deepened.” He said.

"Currently, the number of customers buying and selling cars in this market has fallen sharply and the lack of referrals has been a factor in the sharp decline in demand and as a result of falling prices, so that the car sales were down 80% before the Corona outbreak.”

"Currently, car buyers are only aware of the prices by calling, while we are in the final days of the year as the market has to meet increasing demand, but due to the spread of the Corona virus and the cancellation of Nowruz trips, demand has fallen sharply in the market.” He said.

"Demand has been rising over the past few years as demand neared, and demand continued to rise until May, but this year it is predicted that not only will this situation not happen, but if car owners hope to make a profit As more and more car sales go down, they should be aware that this action is not going to work this year.” He mentioned.

Demand and prices have always been rising at this time of year, but this year Corona disrupted the routine and caused no desire to buy and sell cars. There has also been a performance that experts attribute to much of the recent downturn as recent pricing has led to market disruption, while others believe that rising car prices are rooted in lower purchasing power and people's uncertainty of has a future.

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