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Publish Date : 04 March 2020 - 09:02
While some activists believe that Coronavirus effects will be shown in the next week by production decrease some experts are saying that this won’t happen due to the prediction of Central Bank, ministry of Industry and automakers.
Khodrocar - Coronavirus outbreaks coincided with Chinese holidays and accordingly delayed production by Iranian makers of the holiday, but the story went wrong where the virus spread after the holiday and led to the closure of many factories of Wuhan as a car city.

According to activists in the area, since shipping by air or sea requires parts from China to take 20 days to a month and a half, Corona has not shown any effects so far because of current orders from Iranian carmakers next year and Used after the Nowruz holidays. So we cannot soon see the negative effects of the outbreak.

"In effect, Corona's entry did not have the effect of slowing trade and sending pieces because the Chinese were halted, but the problem began long after the virus spread after the Chinese holidays and their factories inevitably closed.” Omid Rezaei, member of the board of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"Therefore, the impact of this stoppage is not shown before the year, as shipping from overseas to shipping takes 45 days to 2 months to reach the port, so it takes two and a half months for purchases to be delivered.” He added.

"Shipment of low volume parts due to their sensitivity and high value should be carried by air freight why there would be a possibility of commodity disruption that could also be produced or sold by the Chinese New Year and There were no closures, and after the closure and commencement of operations, it took one month to 45 days for the processes to enter the country.” He continued.

"Most of the parts are made from semi-finished china and will take a long time to arrive unless the parts are fully ready for the force majeure condition which has a small number, so what will it do after these years. The new Iranians are visible as the Chinese take advantage of the Iranian holiday and carry out their orders to begin shipping after the Iranian holiday.” He continued.

"Manufacturers will definitely be equipping their warehouses, and the assertions made about using stocks are quite correct, as stocks are always used in the last quarter of the year, so Corona will affect orders. What is going to be used next year, and what will become a challenge, is the provision of a post-Norouz holiday and next year, which also cannot be done because the cities of the virus spread center are closed by the end of March and Cities where the virus was less contagious also began operating two days ago and if there are only 20 working days for Iranians.” He mentioned.

"Since the beginning of the year this decline in production has occurred, it will be possible to make up for it by the end of the year, while production turnover is always lower in the first quarter than in other months, which requires a proper and comprehensive planning given the spread of the Corona outbreak.” He continued.

"Since the bulk of the funding has been spent, Corona has no impact on pre New Year financing, so planning should be for the coming year as we still have time to control the crisis, provided that the automaker, the Ministry of Industry and the central bank are in a position to ease the situation and take action to order.”

"Things are not going well in this situation, but if the deadline extended by China for the spread of the Corona virus is prolonged, it will have a global impact, and all the countries in the world to which the virus has spread and the countries that supply the fragment from China. They did, however, but the tact of the automaker and other bodies in a collaborative effort can certainly minimize the problems, but if we do not make the decision.” He added.

Last week, during a automakers' meeting with Saipa executives, it was announced that the warehouses would be available by the end of May. For next year there would be no problem but if it is not a priority, we will have more difficult problems.

"The impact of Corona is very limited this year, and the central bank anticipates the effects of the disease can be mitigated by the provision of credit lines and special conditions for currency ordering, as the Chinese will be able to produce after leaving. It is imperative that the internalization projects also work and that the amount of dependency has decreased steadily compared to previous years.” He said.

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