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Publish Date : 03 March 2020 - 09:08
While automakers set the record of 2 thousand production a day, experts believe that due to the restriction of importation from coronavirus we would have production decrease in next week.
Khodrocar – Shortage of importing parts from china due to the coronavirus in the past weeks this has become a threat to auto industry and experts thinks that this will result in production decrease and even facilities won’t help the industry. 

"Even before coronavirus Iran – China relation wasn’t very good because of some exchange transportation and parts of cars were supplied very difficult.” Reza Rezaei, member of the board of part makers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"But the spread of the Corona virus created restrictions on the transportation of raw materials that drastically reduced production. Finally, some of the parts that automakers and parts makers provided through imports were seriously challenged.” He added. 

"Part makers were using their depot parts in storages and this restriction will have effect on production and we would observe the negative effects in next week.” He said. 

"In the absence of Corona, for many reasons it was not possible to import the piece easily, while domestic raw materials have also been on the rise in recent times and steel and polymer items have increased the makers' financial difficulty by up to 80%.” He said. 

"According to forecasts, firms that have been damaged by the Corona will be eligible for the facility and are expected to be part of the facility to implement the facility and measures in the final days of the year so that the funds can be donated to the facility.” He added. 

"Banks are expected to do more to pay for facilities as part makers work hard.” He mentioned. 

Despite such statements, it is expected that today, in addition to the special features for the piece industry, it will be expected to provide conditions for the anticipated use of the industry.

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