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Publish Date : 29 February 2020 - 09:05
While IKCO efforts to produce automatic gearbox and six speed manual gearbox is coming true and it’s been expected that automakers could lean on this equipment in order to develop productions to make competition in market.
Khodrocar – in a condition that automakers are facing with challenges to supply up to date gearboxes and automatic ones due to sanctions. Automakers attribute the lack of product diversity to high platform costs to the lack of automated gearbox production, Iran Khodro's efforts to produce six-speed gearboxes and plans to produce automated gearboxes further enhance the hope of product development.

Certainly meeting this basic need for up-to-date new cars along with meeting the needs of consumers will lead to a competitive market and save the automotive industry from the current bankruptcy.

"Next year, Iran Khodro will deliver the Dena Plus Turbo Charge product with the automatic transmission, but the production of the automatic transmission is time-consuming because negotiations with foreign parties require more time.” Mansour Mansouri, CEO of IKAMCO told khodrocar reorter.

"The six-speed manual gearbox prototype is currently undergoing tests and initial tests.” He added, "Currently more than 7 million gearboxes have been manufactured, but previous productions were Peugeot gearboxes that were fitted to cars such as the 206, Samand, Peugeot 405 and Dena, but now despite sanctions due to the specialization in powertrain, The design work was first launched and in practice the six-speed manual gearbox was first produced and its prototyping was accomplished and we achieved outstanding results.”

"Certainly the new European car models are ready to enter the country, with buyers expecting new ones to arrive soon, and the carmaker prefers the foreign car model tested. But the reality is that if we want to rely on our own interior design, this requires us to rely on precise timing to get the designs done.” He said.
"Undoubtedly, both should be removed at the same time, and with the opening up of space for cooperation with foreigners as well as imports, there should be no room for interior design, which happened and good things happened.”

It seems that the steps taken by Iran Khodro relying on the internalization movement have now come to fruition, but the question remains as to when the automotive industry is so capable of meeting its needs by relying on local powers then why they don’t move to internalize before?

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