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Publish Date : 28 February 2020 - 09:40
While the government insists on trying to highlight Corona and its negative effects on the economy, industry activists believe that if the government wants to do so, it should pay as fast as 5 billion for the auto industry. .
Khodrocar - Delays in payment for auto industry facilities by failing to co-operate with industry-leading banks have compounded the shortage of raw materials, and activists attribute the lack of liquidity to the spread of Corona and the stoppage of Chinese flights.  They emphasize that it is possible to circumvent restrictions and obtain parts from other countries if the facility is paid, so it is important to pay for it as soon as possible.

 Maziar Biglu, secretary of the Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers Association, said in an interview with khodrocar that the need to pay more than  5 trillion in automotive facilities says the industry's delay in paying 5 billion has led to material shortages.  The initial and production is cut and eventually reduces the production of automakers.

 He added that although the talks had been scheduled to be paid by the end of February, only one percent had been paid by the end of the week since March, which would have been a disadvantage to the auto industry.  .

 Currently, banks operating on credit lines for these facilities are facing challenges and these tastes are being challenged, while the central bank has approved 50% of this line of credit, Bigelow said.  

Provided and resources provided to operating banks, but so far the central bank has not taken a positive step in this direction.

 "At present, part-makers are not only facing liquidity problems, but they are experiencing shortages because of the spread of the Corona virus," he said.
Now, not only the airways, but also the land routes to buy goods from China, and if these conditions continue, there will be serious problems with the supply of auto parts.

 Emphasizing that defective cars are already being completed from stockpiles and will only be available to carmakers by the end of the year, Biglow said: "If we continue this trend, we will definitely face problems because  Supply of unforeseen parts If it was possible for the carmakers to provide the liquidity needed to import parts from alternative countries.

 The secretary of the Association of Automobile Parts and Components Manufacturers, insisting that the industry could be shut down if the trend continues, adding that the low stock of raw materials along with the non-payment of the industry's anticipated facilities is being maintained by government officials.  It emphasizes that the enemy is trying to highlight Corona with the aim of stopping industries, so if governments want to do so they should speed up the process of paying for the facilities as soon as possible.

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