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Publish Date : 27 February 2020 - 09:27
Prices were affected from coronavirus in the past week and reduced for 30 to 100 million IRRs.
Khodrocar - After a 92% drop in car sales in China following the spread of the Corona virus, news suggests the virus is affecting the Iranian car market.

The auto market, which has been in deep recession in recent times as a result of rising currency prices and other events, is witnessing new tensions with the spread of the Corona virus these days. On the one hand, the lack of buyers has entered a new recession, and on the other hand, prices have fluctuated as the exchange rate approaches the end of the year.

The tensions in the car market are continuing and although the tide has returned to the car market last week and prices have broken their previous record and reached new highs over the past week but now the market is somewhat relaxed and Prices have fallen. In the meantime, even the policy of price stability with the aim of keeping the price of the car not only ineffective but also has provided the conditions for dealers to operate.

"Although the car market is calm at present, prices have fluctuated over the past few days.” Saeed Motameni, manager of car seller’s union told khodorcar reporter. "Pride 111 reached 630 million IRRs, Pride 131 is 590 million IRRs, Pride 151 is 64 million IRRs, Samand LX is 1020 million IRRs, Dena type 1 is 1480 million IRRs, Peugeot 405 is 950 million IRRs, Dena + is 1700 million IRRs, Peugeot 206 type2 is 103 million IRRs, Peugeot 206 full is 1040 million IRRs, Peugeot SD is 1250 million IRRs, Serato is 4050 million IRRs, Santafe is 10500 million IRRs, Peugeot 2008 is 4600 million IRRs.”

"Corona's impact on falling prices has been on the rise as the dollar has had a psychological impact on the car market.” He said.

"As currency prices rise, the desire to sell cars declines sharply, and the announcement of new car prices by some in an unregulated cyber space raises more market concerns as demand and supply are not equal. Alongside price manipulation it disrupts market equilibrium.” He continued.

Car market experts believe that if the price ceiling for cars is set, the black market will be prevented and the market will calm down. However, taking into account the expired price of the car and the specific profit, it is possible to determine the market price of the car. But what brings peace back to the car market is definitely the elimination of grammar pricing. This could, in addition to the current trend in the automotive market, stemming from the spread of the Corona virus, free the market from the presence of intermediaries.

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