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Publish Date : 26 February 2020 - 09:04
While supplying parts of assembled cars which their production has stopped is getting more difficult, the entrance of supervision organizations and national standard organization to supervise these markets is getting more important and necessary.
Khodrocar - The quality of the car depends on the quality of the piece, and it is undoubtedly necessary to improve the quality of the parts consumed in order to improve the quality of the car, which requires careful monitoring of the process of production in the country. The most important part of a car's value is the parts that have been used, which can be said to be 80% of the value and quality of a car. Given this trend, we have witnessed counterfeit parts in recent years due to the ban on imported parts, which has been seen repeatedly in imported and assembly vehicles whose production and import have ceased.

In this condition paying attention to these parts is highly important which the union and also national standard organization should have a main role and have random tests.

"Parts supervision will only be made when a complaint is filed with the union and the union does not conduct random inspection to monitor parts of the vehicle.” Mehdi Kazemi, speaker of spare part sellers union of Tehran told khodrocar reporter. "No trade union members have been monitored and are currently investigating disputed portions of the complaint.”

"The agency has no oversight of the pieces, and says it sends its inspectors to oversee the shops, which only deal with bulk sales, price tag installation and quality complaints. The quality or the quality of the parts is only determined by the terms of use, and if the quality union complains, the decision is taken.” He added.

"Since the beginning of the year till now more than 1000 cases has been started that most of them are because of poor quality parts but in a special way, oversight of parts and their quality could be done randomly.” He continued.

While there are many complaints every day about the quality of parts, as well as their counterfeits, especially in assembled or imported cars whose production is not stopped or imported into the country, the process of inspection and formulation is needed and shows a special monitoring program.

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