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Publish Date : 24 February 2020 - 09:07
While news are saying that there are predictions for shortage of parts due to coronavirus and ban of importation from china, activists believe that by allocating 50 thousand billion IRRs the auto industry will be able to supply part from alternatives.
Khodrocar - After the outbreak, not only active car makers in China closed down their production lines, but also emphasized that they were facing serious production challenges due to difficulties in importing parts from China. Examples of these companies were Fiat Chrysler, General Motors and other well-known brands in the automotive industry, not only shutting down their operations in China but also having other factories in other countries fail to supply parts, and now that the Corona virus has reached Iran. The effects of the virus have also infiltrated the Iranian automobile industry and have caused great concern for industry activists, including the segment.

In the current condition Maziyar Beigloo, secretary of part makers association announced that since the spread of the Corona virus, it has been difficult to communicate with China to buy and sell goods, as some parts of China have already been imported and cannot currently be imported.

Now, not only the airways but also the land routes to buy goods from China are not possible, and industry activists believe that if this trend continues, there will be serious problems with the supply of parts.

"It is possible to supply parts from other countries quickly if the private sector industry is able to do so, provided that the money and credit facility is approved for the payment of a 50 thousand billion IRRs facility as it is strangled.” Arash Mohebi Nejad, secretary of specialized part making association told khdorocar reporter.

"The central bank is passing the bill like a ping-pong ball between them, and what the piece does is just the sound of the ball, and although a limited number of makers have been able to get it, the faster the payout, the better provides components in other ways.” He added.

"Delays in payment are now causing irreparable damage to the automotive and auto parts industry, with the banking system failing to meet its commitments and delays in the final days of the year, with Corona expanding sharply in China and Iran. And the crisis has engulfed the automotive industry, reflecting domestic mismanagement.” He said.

"These facilities which reduced to 50 thousand billion IRRs should be paid as soon as possible, but according to the central bank directive, the credit line provided by the central bank to some banks has not been approved and approved by banks. And so there is no urge on the part of banks to pay for the facility, while there is no strong central government behind it.” He continued.

"If paid for by the industry, the segment will see a long process of buying parts, supplying and finding alternatives, parallel paths and ways to circumvent sanctions and corona, and the only accelerator to deal with corona and current crises is liquidity, but supply, It is empty and opportunities are being lost.” He mentioned.

"The banking system is not supportive, it is only involved in notes and clauses, and there has been no significant operation to pay for these facilities, and the concern of the segment makers is to approach the end of the year as supply chain ordering, ordering and finding the way. Alternatives are a time-consuming process, while fragmentation has the potential to deal with the crisis, provided that at least this issue has become law-abiding and operationalized as quickly as possible.” He called.

As it seems, the current condition is not very good and to prevent it from being a disaster some solutions should be predicted asap and execute the plan of paying facility to auto industry.

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