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Publish Date : 23 February 2020 - 09:06
Forcing automakers to obey environmental standards and improving current standards to euro5 while automakers are struggling with sanctions and they are not able to produce sensitive parts. Activists believe that instead of insisting on standards they can insist of scrapping worn-out cars.
Khodrocar - The National Standards Organization, meanwhile, insists on implementing several standards, including the Euro 5, which looks at the current situation of car makers as a result of sanctions. Due to limitations, automakers are facing challenges in producing sensitive components such as catalysts, but the National Standards Organization still insists on the implementation of defined standards.

In these circumstances, the question arises as to whether it is right for car manufacturers to comply with these standards in the current situation, which is plagued by sanctions restrictions.

‘The international standardization of automakers is compelled to enforce this standard, while automakers are currently having difficulty producing critical components such as catalysts.” Saeed Madani, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"While this organization may fall short of some standards that are not environmentally and safety-related and ineffective in these areas, the continuation of the automobile manufacturing process in these conditions is a great art, so it makes sense to insist on enforcement. It is not a standard because both the market will collapse and we will see people's discontent.” He said.

"Gasoline and carburetors produce 40 to 50 times the pollution injector car, while standard conversion of a car from Euro 4 to Euro 6 will ultimately reduce emissions by 4 tenths of a kilogram, but cars such as the Pride carburetor or 150 gram arrows create pollution.” He continued.

"We should not give the wrong address to the people, as the Euro 4 standard does not cause much pollution, which is strictly upgrading to Euro 5. So by getting a plan from carmakers, we can pave the way for carmakers to improve as conditions are not right now to put pressure on carmakers.” He mentioned.

"Instead of focusing on standard implementation, simpler things like converting carburettors into injectors that reduce emissions can be implemented and solve 80% of environmental problems and then move to Euro 5 and 6 standards.” Madani told.

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