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Publish Date : 20 February 2020 - 09:11
Unveiling new products from 2 auto makers has increased the awareness to pay more attention to designing a shared platform and increase the variety of products by reducing production costs.
Khodrocar - Undoubtedly, a shared platform is a price-matching strategy and speeds up the process of producing new cars, because on a shared platform, only a simple movement of parts produces a new car, thereby speeding up production. But in all of these, the costs of designing a shared platform for automakers are very heavy, as it covers the costs of the design process, supply chain and platform construction.

"The sanction of the automotive industry was a good opportunity for the two carmakers to move to a low-cost, self-sustaining industry with a shared platform design, and the recent actions of the two carmakers have shown that they have succeeded in designing and producing platforms, though There is still a long way to go before we can reach a shared platform.” Aboafazl Khalkhali, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"In the current situation where the automotive industry is facing liquidity challenges as well as numerous obstacles, the two major carmakers need to jointly design and develop a common platform to reduce their costs in this area.” He said.

"Platform co-production has been a widespread practice among international carmakers for many years, and well-known carmakers have been designing and producing the platform, for example the joint venture between Nissan and Renault in design partnerships. And they launched a joint platform and produced the vehicles with the proprietary brand on that platform.” He added.

"One of the benefits of designing a collaborative platform is lower-cost production that leads to lower prices and leads to consumer satisfaction alongside product development and diversification. Thus, with the joint design and production of two platforms by automakers, it also subscribes to after-sales service and spare parts, which is a good economic benefit for automakers.” He mentioned.

"The design and production of the platform does not mean the merging of two automakers, but rather the two big automakers must continue to operate independently to keep up with the competition in the automotive industry, but it is undoubtedly better to use international experience in platform design and production. Automakers work together to reduce costs and improve output.” He continued.

While emphasizing the design of a common platform to compete with other foreign carmakers, the move has been cited as a factor in lowering the price of manufactured cars and greater product diversification that carmakers are having a hard time getting cash. While this may provide the conditions for competitiveness and growth of the automotive industry, a strategy should be foreseen to meet the high costs of joint platform design so that while approaching world standards, the Iranian automobile industry may be one step closer to automotive.

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