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Publish Date : 19 February 2020 - 09:02
While the government’s cabinet has extended the time of clearance of depot cars in customs the process hasn’t started and even some obstacles are in front of it.
Khodrocar – While Rohollah Latifi, speaker of customs announced that in a cooperation with the ministry of industry all depot cars which their taxes have been paid will be clear immediately but he said that for the rest of cars the procedure of order registration should be done which will take time.

"With the instructions issued and everyone waiting for the clearance of cars that have been in the depot for two years, the issue has always been delayed due to the lack of cooperation of the relevant bodies, while there is no doubt any delay in the implementation of this and the ordinance makes it more difficult.” Mehdi Dadfar, secretary of car importers association said about the lack of cooperation by the ministry of industry and trade development organization.

"The first requirement is to register a new order for all of these cars and see this in the act, which has yet to be announced. In addition, for all these cars the terms of purchase without transfer of currency or currency of the applicant with regard to the origin of the currency must be considered.” He said.

"It should be stipulated in the depot car clearance guidelines, if the judicial authority releases the seized cars after the deadline has expired, which will also apply to these categories of cars.” He said.

"The one that was in the previous directive but did not enforce standard and environmental laws and regulations is therefore important to note that any other regulations regarding these cars should be considered in accordance with the warehouse bill and if the vehicle is two years in advance. Regarding environmental and standard regulations two years ago, and although not likely to be met, they could still be discharged.” He added.

"While 1048 cars have green clearance and customs clearance and no problems clearing them, there is still resistance, however, as these are the public funds invested in depot customs. Has been. In these circumstances, Kerman Motor may file a complaint that it is not clearing the cars because of having all the documentation.” He continued.

"Actions are currently being taken by the government to improve the situation, but due to some reports that luxury cars have been re-imported, the depot-clearing vehicle has faced obstacles.” He mentioned.

This is despite the fact that the Minister of Economy has already called for the clearance of all of these cars, but the Minister did not welcome the proposal for unknown reasons, which was finally extended by the order of the Cabinet. It was undoubtedly enacted, but since the executive body is the Ministry of Commerce and the Trade Development Organization, there are currently disruptions that have delayed work. How can this knot be opened with the arrival of the Ministry of Economy and Customs?

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